Seamless Retail Middle East, 15-16 April 2018, DWTC, Dubai

Seamless Retail Middle East, 15-16 April 2018, DWTC, Dubai

The recently over Seamless Retail Middle East event for the year 2018 held on April 15 and 16 in Dubai at Dubai World Trade Center, which was busiest and the largest yet in the region. With a full range of attendees, VIPs, speakers, sponsors, and delegates, have branded their products and services, in their reserved space and time for the purpose.

With more than 300 speakers, Altius Technology Solution was the one among 350+ exhibitors and 10000+ visitors, Seamless accumulated the fresh minds together from across payments, e-commerce the web-based business and retail. The Seamless created new ideas and made the people think differently. Participants and guests got motivated by great business pioneers, entrepreneurs, and innovators from around the globe. And, gathered many business opportunities to explore with and offer better service to the customers.

Altius has an expertise in providing B2B2C eCommerce solutions from storefront creation to digital marketing and from payment to fulfillment and delivery.

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