Covid-19 vs B2B Marketing – The Clear Winner

With restrictions of movement in place for the fight against COVID-19, it presents an enormously challenging situation for B2B Companies, in the absence of live events, conferences and face to face interactions, trade shows, and exhibitions.

But it also presents an opportunity in terms of driving demand through digital strategies, this is the medium to utilize to reach customers and clients who are homebound. We have assimilated a list of 10 best practices that B2B’s should consider so as to take control of the present health and logistics crisis.

  1. Game Plan– Though the future implications for businesses are uncertain and unclear, it is time to game plan the long term implications of the current situation on B2B businesses.
  2. Digital is the clear winner here– Updating your digital channels is the need of the hour. Ensure that your digital data on the web is up to date, relevant and fact based. Make sure you have genuine links to medical information for guidance.
  3. Focus on Digital Strategies– B2B companies would need to move into social marketing, content marketing, SEO to target customers who can be found online and devising approaches and tactics for your success.
  4. Live Social Platforms- Achieve better eye-catching content and more targeted campaigns that improves your feed in the news feed algorithm by going live using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instragam and Periscope.
  5. Choose videos over PowerPoint- Videos are a good option for showcasing your product and it is an alternate for in person sales.Converting your PowerPoint presentations into videos to reach potential customers is a wise thing to use the digital channel for.
  6. Podcasts- Digital audio files are the fastest growing content format in B2B. They are a good medium to reach out with more information about your products to clients and also connect with them remotely.
  7. Video Conferencing tools- These are the best for sales meeting presentations like Zoom which every B2B should give a shot at, helping teams to meet up through voice or video calls.
  8. AI Chat Bots – They can be a great substitute for less staff due to sickness, we are moving towards a market where 85% of interaction takes place without human intervention, so this is the best time to utilize AI Bots for Sales and Marketing activities and they can never get sick.
  9. Virtual reality – VR is the tool for live events, demos, trade shows, and exhibitions and ‘walk-throughs’ that can’t take place in person where group-buying is not encouraged. Augmented reality gives your customers the ability to visualize your products or trade show displays remotely using their smartphone.

In addition to getting through your sales and marketing pipeline, opting for the above practices will help keep COVID-19 in check due to digital collaboration that doesn’t require physician human to human interaction.

Also long after we have defeated COVID-19 and things get back to normal, eCommerce businesses will realize the potential in digital channels compared to ground events and adapt them as part of their long term marketing plan.

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