How Artificial Intelligence will be helpful for B2B Marketers/Distributors?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown in leaps and lengths in the last few years. Though B2C marketers were the first to use AI in their marketing efforts, B2B marketers are not too far behind.

Let us see the emerging B2B marketing trends in the area of AI.

Digital Marketing using AI

Businesses are forced to adopt evolving marketing trends to survive and be relatable to the end consumer. Using AI in digital marketing strategies, will lead the way this 2020.

The influence of AI can be seen in machine learning and automation of smarter B2B campaigns. Since B2C has been using AI to learn consumer behaviour, the same can be applied by B2B as well.

Marketers can use AI to map consumer behaviour and draw parallels to their marketing campaigns. With social media being thrown into this mix, the results would be extremely beneficial to B2B marketers.

Lead generation

With the advent of social media, the use of AI has only maximised. AI tools can instantly analyse huge sets of data, in search patterns, and find inconsistencies and opportunities.

By considering past learning, the conclusion and prediction accuracy is high. Hence, AI has high chances of identifying a B2B customer, at the same time also suggesting how to reach out to him.

Integration of AI in the sales process will only increase lead conversion. As a great time-saver, with the help of AI , sales teams can concentrate on other areas of business.

Digital marketing industry, by 2023, will spend almost 25.1 billion USD on automation tools. Also, 79% of top-performing companies are already leveraging AI-based marketing automation tools, thereby leading to a 10% bump in revenue in only 6-9 months.

Automating marketing processes

By embedding AI in CRM databases, tasks like cold- calling, cold-emailing, answering customer tickets can all be automated.

Research proves that 80% of the sales force’s time is spent in carrying out monotonous activities, that can be prevented with the inclusion of AI in their respective CRM.

SEO rankings

The use of SEO in B2B companies cannot be stressed further. If you don’t rank in Google, all is lost for your company. With Google being responsible for 94% of internet traffic, it only makes sense to be present in the search engine results.

Businesses must try to rank in the first page of the search engine results, since research shows that 75% of the users do not go further than the first page.

With AI’s use of website and keyword analysis, high ranking SEO words will be suggested. AI can also audit your website and provide suggestions on word inclusions across the site for better ranking SEO.

It can also make changes to your content for better optimization. With the use of AI’s machine learning capability, we see great potential for business growth.


Customers have greater affinity towards personalized emails targeted to them specifically. AI can increase relevancy of email , messages and ads based on specific sets of data.

AI can carry out email campaigns, ads and pop-up messages to market specific industrial tools and services to those in needs. The potential of personalization for B2B clientele is virtually endless for AI.

Most of the above-mentioned tricks and trades are already in practice in some B2B companies.

Where as SME’s are yet to adopt AI based marketing tools. Considering the usage of AI in B2B companies’ marketing strategies, choosing t will be the right choice for those who believe in evolving their B2B companies to sustain and stay relatable in the future.

Get a free audit of your B2B company’s website and see if you can be AI friendly now.

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