How B2B eCommerce store improves Digital Customer Experience?

Win Digital customer experience from B2B online store

With the onset of digital, the global mobile and tablet usage has exceeded that of desktop since 2016. B2B consumers are turning more to digital for support when it concerns a product part number or tech specs or even sourcing a unique product. It is abundantly clear that digital experience across platforms are turning out to be essential KPI’s that will ultimately lead to the path to purchase and retention of your product & brand respectively.

There are many touch points to a B2B customer’s digital experience. It is no longer looked at as a singular event leading to sales.

So why does a customer visit your B2B online store?

  1. Simply to compare price and product?
  2. Is he here for pre-post-sales support?
  3. Has your brand resonated and persuaded him to buy a product from my B2B online store?
  4. Do you have a unique product he would want to buy?

The answer can be any of them. The catch is to keep him browsing through your e-store. The longer he stays, you can assume that his digital experience has been positive.

UX/UI is key

Your UX/UI design must be flawless. With customers using online marketplaces to make purchases for their personal needs. It is only true, that they expect the same level of experience, optimization & product information from your B2B online store. Your customer would want to buy a product, quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Digital strategy

You must have your own e-commerce experience design, digital marketing & strategy team to keep your online store SEO friendly. Keeping your products updated, having a detailed product information and running offers, keeps you accessible to all kinds of potential customers. Your customer compares prices, products, manufacturers, product information and looks at feedback to make his final decision to purchase. Having a team to run your e-store, may not be a bad idea.

Your platform

Choosing the right platform to host your B2B e-store is crucial. Depending on the number of products you have to offer and the scalability the e-commerce platform has to offer, there are many companies that could help you. If you are new to the whole digital game, get a consultant on board to help you choose and set up your e-store. Altius Technologies could help you with this. Collaborated with InRiver and Agility Multi-channel, Altius Technologies gives you a hand in helping you deliver an exceptional B2B digital experience to your customers.

Today, your B2B customer is simply focussed on getting what he wants in the most convenient way possible. So, your focus in your B2B digital experience must be concerned with improving user interface, mobile responsiveness, design, communication methods and delivering real time data across all interactions, rather than individual touch points.

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