How can you increase your B2B eCommerce sales by using the right images?

A picture speaks a thousand words!!!

After providing the products with the right amount of data, it is also important that the right product images are uploaded to your product page. Your customers want as much information as possible within a few clicks or within a few seconds.

Your visitors do not have the patience or the time and will leave if they don’t find the right information. It is also proven that some people like images, some people like data sheets, some people like technical specifications.

We have to look at the entire process of giving the right kind of data to our buyers.

Look at it from an example of a department store.

The kind of support that the customers got earlier reduced constantly.

There used to be a helper per bay which reduced to a helper per aisle, per floor and it has now moved to a low touch model of having no people.

The stores have a human-machine interface where people go to the aisle which is guided by retail signage.

They select the products in the cart, pay the money and walk out.

However, in an online store, with the aisle by the mile model, your data is your sales representative.

Giving the right information about the product is very important because the aisle concept is dead in an online model. Buyers cannot find products on their own because they only see one home page and they have to search.

You have to ensure that you make your product findable.

This is important because there is no point having the product on the website if people cannot find it.

The right images also need to be there because of a low touch purchase model where the feeling of uncertainty post-purchase will be high. When you make your website very flexible because of the richness of the site, even a robot can even pick up and place the order.

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