How distributors can increase sales with B2B ecommerce website?

Create your e-store now for increasing your online sales by 10X

We are in the age of B2B e-commerce and online shopping. Your customer’s decision-making process has changed dramatically over the years. Customers now do extensive research about a product online before making the purchase. The internet makes online shopping easier and faster. Selling directly on the internet increases your reach. With a B2B e-commerce store,your profits are no longer limited by the number of customers visiting your brick & mortar store. You can sell beyond limited geographical locations.

Online stores can

  • Save time for both the buyer and seller
  • Reduce phone calls about product availability
  • Increase your operation hours
  • Provide easy access to company and product information
With the opulence of mobility and maintaining continued order in work-flow in factories, purchase through an e-store is now the most preferred point of purchase. B2B e-commerce for distributors worldwide is taking a shift in paradigm for their sales approach. It is inevitable that you too will have to join the race for having a B2B e-commerce website soon.


Convenience is the biggest perk. No lines to wait, no assistants to wait on to help the customers, buyers can do their shopping in minutes. Giving a 24/7 accessibility, products can be ordered from anywhere at any time.

No travel or crowds

It is chaotic to be part of crowds and make purchases feel rushed and hurried. With no personal attention to be given, the customer tends to go into another shop for his other requirements. This is completely avoided in an e-store. The customer can patiently look through and decide on the products to buy.

Offers and Price Comparisons

You can run offers for products that no other online/ offline store would be running now. This can help you reach more customers and increase sales. With online stores, the customer gets the freedom to compare prices sitting at one place. So, if you have the most cost-efficient product, more chances of increasing sales.

Any-time accessibility

Through a smart-phone or a computer, customers can keep track of the items purchased. Date of delivery, exchange status or even feedback can be tracked for every product. Having access to a plethora of products from various manufacturers helps customers in making informed decisions.


Running a brick & mortar store is so much more expensive in comparison to an online store. You save on manpower, electricity, space, rent and the whole management of the floor space. Having an online store allows you to choose and plan your investment month wise. You save a great deal in every aspect compared to running a physical store.

B2B e-commerce for distributors is not new, though it is taking shape as a primary source of revenue.With customers having a flawless experience though e-commerce platforms on a day to day level, it is only natural that they expect the same from their B2B distributors.

Investing in your e-store is the right way forward for your B2B distributorship.

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