What do your tradesmen expect out of your Product Catalog?

Your tradesmen operate from the field and hence they have limited time and bandwidth.

They would require information instantly to take decisions to order products on the field.

The customer chooses the products by punching the product number if they know about the product.

The customer chooses the faceted search if they do not know about the product.

Therefore, the search bar should be intelligent enough to understand the industry terminology. The other information they need is also to look for the confirmation of the application areas compatibility.

The customer hence would expect two things – get the most relevant products within a few clicks through the right attribute selection and an attractive price of the product.

How can you make your faceted search accurate?

  • Decide the top navigation attributes from a tradesmen’s perspective
  • Cross-mapping of your competitor’s part numbers to display your product for findability
  • Displaying your Images in multiple dimensions and changes
  • Special features for fitment of application types captured as attributes
  • Structuring the data for mobile use as well

Client Benefits

  • Tradesmen complete the transaction in the shortest possible time and hence increase brand loyalty.
  • Better product findability enables a reduction in returns
  • Allows the tradesmen to select substitutable products and hence increase the sales opportunity
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