Classification of your Product Data

Classification of your Product Data

Product Data Classification Services is one of the most essential and overwhelming tasks for ecommerce stores, especially when there is an abundant quality of the product items. An e-store business has an array of products on display which are from different vendors. Each vendor uses different taxonomic codes and classification for the items they distribute or manufacture. Classification schemes vary in different countries. Different formats, incorrect or missing information, unstructured data from different vendor or manufacturing sources make the process complex and time consuming. 

Grouping is performed in hierarchical order of the manufacturers, distributors or retailers with quick search results for the user. In a Brick and Mortar store, customers can find products even if they are placed in the wrong aisle within the store. But this is not feasible in an e-store, a product under the wrong classification will never be found and will never be sold.

Product data classification requires extensive knowledge about the product domain requiring a lot of effort and time.  

A multi-standard classification system classifies product data based on taxonomy which is a scheme of classification. Customizing the data classification process is based on the nature of products, source of product data and product domain.

Product Data Classification by Altius

Product Data Classification Services by Altius team employs strong product taxonomy structures; making it easy for search engines to find your products. And also enabling customers to navigate, search, select and add products to shopping carts. This eventually leads to more sales and higher revenue for your e-store. 

Our team carries out a complete analysis of the existing Product Data Categorization. Altius teams up with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to understand their standards in order to classify them accordingly. Standard classification or codification techniques employed are UNSPSC codification, e-Class, ECCMA standards etc. 

There are Instances of multiple data categorization where the same product needs to be classified in multiple categories. Altius specialized team classifies the product data based on the category hierarchy to which it belongs; and it’s brand, nature of the item and the manufacturer.

Our experts can classify data accurately and quickly. Efficient Classification of product data ensures that the right products reach the right customers. Thus Product Data Categorization allows visitors to find the product in the right search phrases; and also will gravitate towards purchase there by increasing the top line of the retailer.

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