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eCommerce website with woo-commerce – build on eCommerce store

An eCommerce platform is a system which allows to create an online store and perform business activities like marketing, selling, managing sales, delivery and shipping the product and many more.

      There are various eCommerce platforms through which online store can be commenced like Shopify, big commerce, woo commerce, 3Dcart etc., Every eCommerce platform has its pros and cons. So one has to choose the platform which can satisfy their business requirements. Woo commerce reliability and flexibility make it the best eCommerce platform for all type of business.

Why to choose woo commerce as an estore builder?

Compare to other eCommerce platforms, woo-commerce  simplicity to install, user friendly, cheap to build, makes it the most widely used eCommerce platform in the world. More than 26% of the leading eCommerce website uses woo commerce for their online store.

1. As an open source:

Woo commerce is a free plugin. As an open source, one can have a complete control over the web shop. It  can be completely customized  around any of unique and custom business requirements. Since it is an open source, there is no need to pay any fees for the use of it.

2. Easy and effective design option:

Woo commerce is best known for its easy and effective design options. There are different types of eCommerce themes available to make the store attractive . It helps in engaging the audience and encouraging them to explore more about the products and business. Woo commerce helps in customizing the online store, with its advanced customization features.

3. Easy to use for non tech owners:

Woo commerce is very compatible with word press. For non tech owners, it is easy to understand how woo-commerce works and manages the eCommerce website. With word press, you get every thing you need for a business. If you need a hassle free way to set up your website, word press is a good choice.

4. Easy to sell any product:

With woo-commerce you can sell any product, anywhere anytime. You can sell both physical and digital products  on this platform . With woo commerce you can also sell data based services such as appointments or any type of services, Accommodation, bookings. By using plugin, you can sell basic subscription based content too. You just need to build a beautiful website.

5. Picking up an apt theme:

An attractive and beautiful theme can attract the audience and encourage them to explore more about your products and business. Woo commerce is compatible with all type of themes. So you can pick high performing theme, which suits best to your business.

6. Customization:

One of the great features of woo commerce is customization of eCommerce store . Most experts recommend using woo commerce because of its advanced customization features. With woo commerce you can edit every part of your eCommerce website. Creating “buy now” button, will place your webpage at a higher ranking level. This will help you to increase your conversion rate and sales.

7. SEO friendly:

Woo commerce plugin makes it SEO friendly. With word press you can easily edit body content and other page elements to optimize product pages. With word press and woo commerce, it is easy to optimize your website.

8. Flexibility:

Woo commerce is super flexible when it comes to integrating with third party software system with ecommerce shop. Woo commerce plugins also allows to integrate 3rd party service which includes payment gateways, shipping service and accounting services. It also allows users to pay through debit cards, credit cards, cash on delivery etc.

9. Security Matters:

For online store owners cyber security is a must. Along with selling products and services, you are selling a secure shopping experience. World press is good for online stores. The world press itself is secure enough to block cyber criminals from breaking into your site. Woo commerce is secure because it gets regularly updated.


Finally word press is all about plugins. It has over 50,000 plugins. A plugin for

  1. A better on page SEO
  2. Ecommerce tools
  3. Better security

Whatever you need you can find a great plugin. When you look for any ecommerce platform, don’t keep price and features of the platform as the main criteria. S elect a platform which supports your business needs and helps it to grow.

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