Why give your B2B e-commerce website a B2C experience?

Today if you’re a B2B distributor or retailer or even a manufacturer, it is a mandate to have a website. Preferably, with all your products displayed along with their tech specs, usage information and prices, leading to a payment gateway.

Your consumer has evolved over the years. With B2C Marketing through e-commerce websites making life easy and purchases fast, people now expect the same kind of service from B2B related brands/companies as well.

Being present in the online world ultimately increases your brand image and therefore sales, assuming you have a good product to sell.

Enhances credibility

The millennials are not ready to make a purchase from a store that has no online presence. With all your competition being present online, the same is expected out of you too. Most customers today search online before they even make a visit to a physical store.

If you have a store that has no online presence, it would rank low on the customer’s search engine results.  Research has shown that all customers do an online research of the company before they make the final decision to buy a certain product.

Ultimately, your online presence, only increases your brand image and ultimately sales.

Automate sales

With an online e-store within your website, you are also giving your website visitors the chance to make an immediate purchase of their necessary product.

After validating the technical specification of the product and looking at the usage and other information, customers can make immediate purchase through payment gateways within your website.

This way, there is no delay in sales. Time of purchase is not a constraint. Sales personnel is not involved and hence saves you cost. Online purchases are transparent, easy and quick.


Having an e-commerce website helps you increase stock, provide more choices based on customer requirement, meet market demand, and open new sales channels.

Reaching out to new market segments is always a possibility with the absence of geographical constraints the online business boasts.

Customer centric experience

With B2C e-commerce setting standards to online shopping, customer centric experiences are of high demand even by B2B customers.

With the usage of B2B rich content, beautiful images , interactive designs, and basically giving a B2C look and feel to your e-commerce website could actually boost your sales considerably.

Multiple offers & discounts

With advent of many holidays through the year, the B2B e-commerce marketeer has more chances of running multiple campaigns, discounts and offers through the year.

Pushing sales with many kinds of discounts through the year, increases your brand awareness and sales. A brick & mortar shop always poses on constraint on running multiple campaigns or discounts through the year.

Improved efficiencies

Through the implementation of ERP ( any B2C CRM), and other back-end business systems, an  increase in efficiency is seen in many e-commerce organizations.

Customers can order online at the convenience, make informed purchases in a matter of time.

Delay is sales is largely eliminated since a customer does his product and cost comparison online. With automated sales, payment and dispatch, the order process is considerably reduced compared to a brick & mortar store.

The absence of physical salesforce cuts down cost to a very large extent.

With B2C e- ecommerce companies setting up a benchmark in the last 2 years, B2B e-commerce companies have a lot to catch up on. Treating and behaving like a B2C e-commerce company is the first step to success.

Great products, reasonable prices, interactive websites and a to- die- for dispatch and delivery, is  the  right path to your online success.

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