SEO trends that will carry into the new year

SEO has seen a considerable change in these few years. Mobiles has been used widely for online searches. SEO isn’t just about keywords but to make the content on your website more attractive and relevant. This changes will help you to prepare and update your site and to target the market share maximum. In the last five years SEO strategies have changed with the introduction of new technologies. Like voice assistants, artificial intelligence and the rise of mobile experience. Google and other search engines have played an important role in digital marketing.

1. Voice Search Optimization :

Voice operating assistants like Alexa, Siri or google voice console are going to be the buzz in the new year. As soon as the device has input, it will detect the language in which the query has been asked. The key words in the query will be captured and the query will be answered accordingly. Voice search engines are faster easier and time saver.

2. Visual Searches :

People use visual search mostly to get directions and identifying landmarks, shop recipes local business reviews. People are searching more with images than ever before. Platforms like Pinterest get 600 million visual searches monthly. If you want your sites content to be served to your visitor as a visual search result, ensure you use image SEO.

3. Online Video :

Nearly 86% of global business use video on their site today. make sure that video should be a part of your SEO strategy. when doing online video, make sure that you organize your content into sections, that help google and search engines understand the video content. Also add a key word in the title and using tags helps the search engine know what the video is about.

4. Growth of AI [Artificial Intelligence]:

AI is reshaping SEO, they identify data patterns to collect accurately real time information and evaluate the quality of your content. Search engines are relying more on AI for search query. Align your content for voice and visual search, to get the right data from your site. Also use AI powered analytics to find out your site’s performance and optimize it for better results.

5. Off page SEO :

Off page SEO also helps to boost your online ranking away from your site. Google review is one of the most powerful tool for your online store. The number and quality of reviews act as leading conversion factor. Make sure you encourage the customers to leave reviews, which will add a positive feedback for your business.

6. Long tail keywords :

Keyword research becomes the bread and butter of maintaining SEO. Long tail keywords are the best friends of eCommerce stores. Long tail keywords make up the majority of user searches, that is how people search online. Every short tail keyword has endless long tail words that could all benefit from different pages. It is all about knowing your niche. Long tail keywords has two benefits, one you will face lower competition and have a higher conversion rate than short tail keywords.

7. Mobile first :

More than 50% of all internet traffic is from mobile devices. Google also has shifted it’s algorithm towards mobile users. The websites that perform best on the mobile, will be ranked accordingly. Websites which does not adjust as per device, will have low readability and slow page loading speeds. To optimize your site, google provides you with this tool. To check, if your website accommodates mobile users.

8. Local SEO :

The demand for local search is huge. More than 5 million apps and websites use google maps platform every week. That’s why google continuously releases new features for business to use such as posts, services, hours, address., etc., due to covid-19 people are searching out local options around them, both due to lockdown and to support local business, which is facing a difficult time to stay in business. People search to see if business are still open their working hours have changed, checking out menu’s [restaurant services] take away timings. Google my business is a high visibility way to communicate, these updates to a customer, new or existing.

9 . Quality Content :

This is the kind of approach that you can take on your website. It is time to consider the information that people are looking for and need first. As the importance on quality content is growing, it is time to boost your content marketing strategy. Eat [expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness], matter a lot for eCommerce store.


SEO is moving quickly. These trends and challenges can help you optimize your site for better organic traffic to your site.

Creative Thanks Giving ideas for Online Marketing

Every business whether traditional or eCommerce should say “thankyou” to it’s customers. The motive behind expressing thankyou is to make your customers feel like you genuinely appreciate their relationship. Thank them for anything like – a purchase, their support , likes on social media or any action that has supported your business.

Creative ways to send thank-you messages

1. Right after a purchase:

The best time to send a thank you message is immediately after the customer’s purchase . This also makes the customer feel more comfortable about their purchase. Thank-you emails also function as a confirmation email , as it gives them proof of the transaction taken place .

2.New subscriber :

Send thank you message as soon as new subscribers sign up your site. Subscriber may be interested in your products, but haven’t decided yet. Thank them for their attention and educate them about your product .Invite them to contact you if they have any queries.

3. After customer receives the product:

A great time to thank customers is a few days after they receive the product. Thank the customer sincerely and ask them about the product review, honest feed back and link them to the page where they can leave their reviews. You can also link them to a video, teaching them how to use the product, set up or how to care for the product.

4. Promote offers:

Sending a thank-you email after customer’s purchase is a perfect time to offer them other promotions. You can include complementary products that go well with the customer’s recent purchase. Discount coupons encourage customers to make future purchase.

5. Thanking face-to face :

People love to be seen and heard. Engaging your customer in a conversation over a video chat in person is a wonderful way of thanking a customer for supporting your company.

6. Thanking for a cause :

Donating money to client’s honor to a charity that are very close to their values and vision. Customers will be more happier than personal gifts and they will appreciate your move, towards doing good in the world.

7. A thoughtful gift :

Try to thank your client by presenting a thoughtful gift. The gift can be related to your company or entirely separate from what you do. For instance gifting a new year’s diary or a calendar, having your product image and a brief description about the product which help them in their future purchase.

8. Crowd sourcing an idea :

You can crowd source by asking customers, how can we thank you? How can we appreciate you? They may have more creative idea than your own. The best part of transforming their ideas into a customer appreciation week can become an annual event. People will look forward to it every year.

Conclusion :

Saying thank you may seem like a simple thing, but it matters to your customers. It shows them that they are more than just a transaction to you. Saying thank you is a generous approach that conveys the importance of each customer to your success.
“People will forget what you said
They will forget what you did
But they will never forget
How you made them feel”.

Ways to Optimize your eCommerce product pages

Beautifully designed home pages are important for making a good impression. But no pages have a greater impact on sales and overall conversions than product pages. It’s where your customers evaluate your products, look for special offers and ultimately decide to click the “add to cart” button. Thus helps the visitor to become the customer. Make sure that your product page is optimized, so that you don’t miss out on potential visitors.

The fundamental secret to e-commerce growth is not more traffic, but more conversions from the existing traffic. So there is a need to create a highly effective and optimized site that helps to convert as many visitors as possible into sales.

Ways to optimize your product pages..

#1. Clearly specify your product name :

product names affect search rankings to a great extent. Use the keywords to create descriptive product names. Ensure that they are to the point and include the necessary descriptions customers might be searching for. Make sure that your product names are relevant and match with the description provided on your landing page.

#2. Use high quality images:

Shoppers move rapidly through web pages or search engines, unless something catches their eyes. Large clear and high quality photos of your products can make it easy to grab the attention of the shoppers. The shoppers can’t see the product in person, but they can assess the product, its quality with a high quality photo/image. High quality photos cover all the product details and makes the buyer feel confident while making their online purchase.

#3. Provide detailed product content :

Beyond product images, a great ecommerce product page should provide a high level of information about the product. It’s the content that informs customers about the benefits and features of a product. It can convince them to buy from you. Make sure that you use a polite, engaging and personal touch in your product description. This will help the customers to decide while buying the product. Detailed content will also help you rank higher in SERPs and thereby bring in more customers to your store.

#4. Add trust badges :

Now-a-days we hear a lot about data breaches, cyber theft, credit card frauds and personal information being stolen by hackers. Due to this customers become more wary to share their personal information online. This is creating a barrier to e-commerce shopping. As an online owner, you have to convince the shoppers that their information is safe in your hands. To build this trust, trust badges are recommended. As per study, 48% of shoppers agreed that the trust seals help them to decide whether to make a purchase. Trust badges are easy way to let shoppers know that their purchases are safe and help to build confidence in your company and feel comfortable to make purchases. 

#5. Improve site speed :

Site speed is one of the main factors for ranking websites in the search engine. Searchers hate waiting. Check the loading time of the web page, if it takes more than three seconds to load then there is a need to make the website lightning fast. There are many tools available to make the site faster, such as web page test, Google page speed, Yslow and others. Quickening the site speed of your product pages is the ultimate remedy to cart abandonment, Rather than getting discouraged with slow pages.

#6. Make mobile a priority :

Today over 80% of online shoppers use their mobile phones to shop through e-commerce. Make sure that you optimize your website to use on mobile phones equally well. A mobile unfriendly store may lose its customers, sales revenue, traffic and everything.

#7. Sense of urgency :

Create a sense of urgency in the minds of your customers, so that they rush to make purchases. You must use FOMO[fear of missing out] well enough to convert engagement into purchase. One way of doing this is by announcing a limit time sale. You must ensure that you make them realize that they will miss out the sale if they are late. You can do so by adding a countdown clock. Another way of doing it, is by letting your customers know that a limited quantity of the products is left.

#8. Reviews from customers :

Reviews build trust and give potential customers the reassurance they need from others to make their purchasing decisions. Given the power of referrals, it’s best to prominently feature reviews from customers on your product pages. For instance Shopify users can download the product reviews app on the Shopify store.

#9. Pricing and shipping costs :

On the product page, you should clearly mention the price of the product. One more aspect where most e-commerce websites fail is the shipping cost. Very few e-commerce product pages list the pricing and shipping information transparently. Usually the shipping and VAT charges are added later on. This will put off your customers interest. Instead try to be more transparent about your charges in the first place. Show your shipping charges and the complete cost of the purchase right on the product page. To make the offer more sweet, you can offer free shipping to your customers. 

#10. Display the return policy on your ecommerce product page :

Your goal should remain as transparent as possible with your customers. A great way of doing this is by outlining your return policy on the product page. Your customers must know the steps that they may need to take, if they wish to return the product. A clear return policy on the e-commerce product page makes things clear as well as reduces the conflict that might arise after the purchase of the product.

Conclusion :

As an online seller, the product page is your final moment to win the sale. If you can show buyers the benefits of your products on this page, they will complete their order and give you a sale. You can easily craft a product page that drives conversions, by using the tips in this guide. With few changes and adjustments, your product page will keep shoppers engaged and gradually lead them towards completing their purchase.

Tips for boosting your SEO score in 2021

Google always changes algorithms regularly. This is done for better user experience as well as satisfaction. Google wants to make sure that the displayed results are as useful and supportive as possible.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a set of activities attempting to improve your website’s ranking on the result list of search engine SEO not only expand the awareness and popularity for your website, but it also helps website owners not to miss a promising target market.

SEO strategies are built according to Google algorithm, so as to achieve a higher rank on the result list. Algorithms are a system of rules and signals which are used to judge your website. Once those rules and signals are changed, SEO techniques and strategies should be accordingly updated or else your website will not be considered as a good website by Google. This will have a negative impact on your online business.

Tips to boost your SEO score in 2021

Tips to boost your SEO Score in 2021

1. Improve your website loading speed:

Site speed is one of the main factors for ranking websites on the search engines. Searchers hate waiting. Check the loading time of the web page, if it takes more than 3 seconds to load then there is a need to make the website lightning fast. If your website page loads faster than they are ranked on top on search engines compared to pages that load slowly. So if you want to rank higher on Google, your site needs to load quickly. There are many tools available to make the site faster. Such as web page tests, Google page speed, Yslow and others.

2. Improve dwell time:

If the visitor to your site quickly bounces from your page, this will result in down ranking of your website on search engines. So to improve the dwelling time on your site, make sure that your site is attractive and help engage the visitor for a longer time. Along with good and unique content, you can add videos on your site about your online store. This will help in increasing the dwelling time of visitors.

3. Target Keywords:

Effective  keywords help your site to target the qualified traffic from search engines to your website. If the keywords are bad then all your efforts made for your online store goes in vain. Optimizing keywords is the most important aspect of SEO. Make sure you use keywords which the customers are using regularly. Effective keywords help you to measure traffic potential of your website.

4. Optimize your page:

Optimizing pages on your website helps your site to become more search engine friendly. It helps your site to draw a significant level of online traffic, also helps in improving the user experience. Optimizing your page helps to grow your ranking.

5. Effective and unique content:

Unique content always works wonders for an online business. It means content is original and not duplicated from anywhere else. Because search engine ranking, rate unique content high and improves the website’s position. It is found that 2 out of every 5 e-commerce content is duplicate. Websites can be penalized for posting duplicate content and can also remove the sites with duplicate content. Google wants to provide their users the best experience through unique content. Content should be effective, capable of driving traffic to your website and converting them to your customer.

6. Consistent URL:

SEO friendly URL structure helps in building consistency. It helps to promote your page ranking and enhance the user experience. Offering a great user experience and useful, unique content will help your website to optimize your URL structure. Following tips help you to keep your URL consistency :  

  • Keep it simple and consistent
  • Use short URLs
  • Keep it organized
  • Use right keywords

Make sure that your URL structure and format is the same for all the pages of your website. Also the words in the URL should be the same to the content on your website. This will enhance users’ experience.

7. Use broken link building:

Broken link is one of the technical errors that should be prevented for a better SEO result. Your website should not be judged as an old and neglected website by search engines. Detecting and repairing broken links, is an ongoing process which will help you in top ranking on search engines.

8. Contact us page:

 Providing contact details before proving its own ability to raise the truthfulness in customer’s mind. It creates business opportunities, improves customer service. A website with precise contact details is likely to be more reliable than others. According to this Google put higher ranks for such sites.

9. Off-page SEO:

Off page SEO also helps to boost your online ranking away from your site. Google review is one of the most powerful tools for your online store. The number and quality of reviews act as a leading conversion factor. Make sure you encourage the customers to leave reviews, which will add positive feedback for business.

Pull up:

Therefore to achieve good results in a digital marketing strategy. It is essential to stay up to data on the SEO trends that will arise with growing frequency.