Creative Thanks Giving ideas for Online Marketing

Every business whether traditional or eCommerce should say “thankyou” to it’s customers. The motive behind expressing thankyou is to make your customers feel like you genuinely appreciate their relationship. Thank them for anything like – a purchase, their support , likes on social media or any action that has supported your business.

Creative ways to send thank-you messages

1. Right after a purchase:

The best time to send a thank you message is immediately after the customer’s purchase . This also makes the customer feel more comfortable about their purchase. Thank-you emails also function as a confirmation email , as it gives them proof of the transaction taken place .

2.New subscriber :

Send thank you message as soon as new subscribers sign up your site. Subscriber may be interested in your products, but haven’t decided yet. Thank them for their attention and educate them about your product .Invite them to contact you if they have any queries.

3. After customer receives the product:

A great time to thank customers is a few days after they receive the product. Thank the customer sincerely and ask them about the product review, honest feed back and link them to the page where they can leave their reviews. You can also link them to a video, teaching them how to use the product, set up or how to care for the product.

4. Promote offers:

Sending a thank-you email after customer’s purchase is a perfect time to offer them other promotions. You can include complementary products that go well with the customer’s recent purchase. Discount coupons encourage customers to make future purchase.

5. Thanking face-to face :

People love to be seen and heard. Engaging your customer in a conversation over a video chat in person is a wonderful way of thanking a customer for supporting your company.

6. Thanking for a cause :

Donating money to client’s honor to a charity that are very close to their values and vision. Customers will be more happier than personal gifts and they will appreciate your move, towards doing good in the world.

7. A thoughtful gift :

Try to thank your client by presenting a thoughtful gift. The gift can be related to your company or entirely separate from what you do. For instance gifting a new year’s diary or a calendar, having your product image and a brief description about the product which help them in their future purchase.

8. Crowd sourcing an idea :

You can crowd source by asking customers, how can we thank you? How can we appreciate you? They may have more creative idea than your own. The best part of transforming their ideas into a customer appreciation week can become an annual event. People will look forward to it every year.

Conclusion :

Saying thank you may seem like a simple thing, but it matters to your customers. It shows them that they are more than just a transaction to you. Saying thank you is a generous approach that conveys the importance of each customer to your success.
“People will forget what you said
They will forget what you did
But they will never forget
How you made them feel”.