Tips for boosting your SEO score in 2021

Google always changes algorithms regularly. This is done for better user experience as well as satisfaction. Google wants to make sure that the displayed results are as useful and supportive as possible.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a set of activities attempting to improve your website’s ranking on the result list of search engine SEO not only expand the awareness and popularity for your website, but it also helps website owners not to miss a promising target market.

SEO strategies are built according to Google algorithm, so as to achieve a higher rank on the result list. Algorithms are a system of rules and signals which are used to judge your website. Once those rules and signals are changed, SEO techniques and strategies should be accordingly updated or else your website will not be considered as a good website by Google. This will have a negative impact on your online business.

Tips to boost your SEO score in 2021

Tips to boost your SEO Score in 2021

1. Improve your website loading speed:

Site speed is one of the main factors for ranking websites on the search engines. Searchers hate waiting. Check the loading time of the web page, if it takes more than 3 seconds to load then there is a need to make the website lightning fast. If your website page loads faster than they are ranked on top on search engines compared to pages that load slowly. So if you want to rank higher on Google, your site needs to load quickly. There are many tools available to make the site faster. Such as web page tests, Google page speed, Yslow and others.

2. Improve dwell time:

If the visitor to your site quickly bounces from your page, this will result in down ranking of your website on search engines. So to improve the dwelling time on your site, make sure that your site is attractive and help engage the visitor for a longer time. Along with good and unique content, you can add videos on your site about your online store. This will help in increasing the dwelling time of visitors.

3. Target Keywords:

Effective  keywords help your site to target the qualified traffic from search engines to your website. If the keywords are bad then all your efforts made for your online store goes in vain. Optimizing keywords is the most important aspect of SEO. Make sure you use keywords which the customers are using regularly. Effective keywords help you to measure traffic potential of your website.

4. Optimize your page:

Optimizing pages on your website helps your site to become more search engine friendly. It helps your site to draw a significant level of online traffic, also helps in improving the user experience. Optimizing your page helps to grow your ranking.

5. Effective and unique content:

Unique content always works wonders for an online business. It means content is original and not duplicated from anywhere else. Because search engine ranking, rate unique content high and improves the website’s position. It is found that 2 out of every 5 e-commerce content is duplicate. Websites can be penalized for posting duplicate content and can also remove the sites with duplicate content. Google wants to provide their users the best experience through unique content. Content should be effective, capable of driving traffic to your website and converting them to your customer.

6. Consistent URL:

SEO friendly URL structure helps in building consistency. It helps to promote your page ranking and enhance the user experience. Offering a great user experience and useful, unique content will help your website to optimize your URL structure. Following tips help you to keep your URL consistency :  

  • Keep it simple and consistent
  • Use short URLs
  • Keep it organized
  • Use right keywords

Make sure that your URL structure and format is the same for all the pages of your website. Also the words in the URL should be the same to the content on your website. This will enhance users’ experience.

7. Use broken link building:

Broken link is one of the technical errors that should be prevented for a better SEO result. Your website should not be judged as an old and neglected website by search engines. Detecting and repairing broken links, is an ongoing process which will help you in top ranking on search engines.

8. Contact us page:

 Providing contact details before proving its own ability to raise the truthfulness in customer’s mind. It creates business opportunities, improves customer service. A website with precise contact details is likely to be more reliable than others. According to this Google put higher ranks for such sites.

9. Off-page SEO:

Off page SEO also helps to boost your online ranking away from your site. Google review is one of the most powerful tools for your online store. The number and quality of reviews act as a leading conversion factor. Make sure you encourage the customers to leave reviews, which will add positive feedback for business.

Pull up:

Therefore to achieve good results in a digital marketing strategy. It is essential to stay up to data on the SEO trends that will arise with growing frequency.


Significance of Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is an important task in every e-commerce company. When you have your products online and visitors to convert into customers, your data needs to be precise, accurate and faultless.

Data cleansing helps you achieve this. Inaccurate and repeated data is removed alongside corrections made in spelling, invalid data and misinformation.

Need for clean data

In B2B e-commerce, inaccurate data analytics leads to misguided decision making and can expose the industry to compliance issues. Since most items are bought basis requirement, the specifications need to be precise.

Data is dynamic in nature

Having said that, it is important to know how to organize and utilise data. Data cleansing helps arrange data in a way that can be accessible to anybody and everybody. Data cleansing also helps in removing duplicate entries and inaccurate data. Any update on specifications can be done on time in the right place , by anybody who has the right information.

Data that leads to the manufacturers

Product specifications online must match to the manufacturer’s specifications for the said product.

And it is very important that the specs are right. Wrong specs for a product can bring a bad image to the manufacturer. In B2B e-commerce wrongful data could cost lawsuits being filed.

Develop a framework in advance

Data cleansing is a repetitive and time-consuming job. Once the data is cleaned it needs to be stored in a secure location.

The staff should keep a complete log of the process, as to which all data went through compilation and which didn’t. If a data cleansing framework is not created in advance, the entire process will become repetitive.

Outsource your data cleansing

It is always wise to focus on what you are good at- selling industrial tools. Your team is trained to handle calls, clients and sell. You do not want to hire a team for a seasonal period. Consider an outside expert’s help to do your data cleansing.

The need for cleansing data has never been so needed by the world. Data is useless unless it is cleaned thoroughly.

Choose Altius Technologies for your Data Cleansing services

Altius has been providing top quality data cleansing services for 11 years now. Altius also does a host of data entry services.

Our data cleansing specialists can handle your requests while ensuring that the requirements are met within the expected time.

Our cost-effective services help you save considerable amount of time and money as well.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Use SEO Practices for B2B Marketers

As a B2B Marketer, it is imperative that your presence is felt online. SEO strategies are always subject to change. This is due to a variety of factors like algorithm updates, change in user behaviour, new platforms and features, new industry findings etc.,

Here are 10 SEO best practices which would enable you to improve lead quality, build valuable relationships and gain brand exposure. Overall, looking at the data you could understand your target audience better.

1.Personalized content

Addressing your customer’s pain points is crucial in your content. In-order to direct your content, you need to think and understand your customer’s issues. Creating strategies, targeted blogs, industry news articles, webinars, product videos etc.,

2.Create High-Quality Landing Pages

How do you know that your landing page is of high quality? Look at how many people actually link to your pages and/or share them social media. If you have existing pages that generate links, replicate the strategy across all your website pages.

3.Take a Topical Approach to Keyword Research

The key is to focus on relevant topics instead of specific keywords. Learning more about the audience will help you device this.

4.Use natural language

Extensive thesaurus usage hampers understanding of the content to a large extent. Use words that are identifiable by voice recognition softwares.

5.Mobile friendliness

Make sure your design is mobile friendly. Do keep in mind, font size, multimedia content, site structure and navigation, content load times and conversion optimization while designing your website.

6.Consider chatbots to your site

Chatbots take engagement to higher level with interactive conversations with your potential customers. By looking at the chat, you could understand your customer better and work on strategies based on the learnings.

7.Social Media Matters

Today, not being an active person/company on social media is a huge negative for your brand. You will want your brand to be there amongst 1000’s of other brands and talk about current issues, solutions to problemst etc., At a bare minimum, you should be sharing content to increase your visibility, support link acquisition and gain exposure in search.


Though video may be a highly influential to market your products, Infographics is the same , only that can be created faster. And the information is bang on, without a premise leading to the issues and solutions. High quality, visual information of a certain subject naturally supports and builds traffic in organic search. They also present the opportunity to be added in slide shares, blog posts and much more.

9.Optimize for Site Speed

With the introduction of AMP, Google has amplified its speed, especially in mobile devices. Slow page load times not only impacts the user experience and conversion, but also brings down rankings.

10.Keep up with change

Every industry evolves and change is constant. Keeping up with every change is crucial. Being seen is more important. Taking part in tradefairs, subscribing to industry newsletters, and keeping your clients updated with trends is very important to stay relevant.

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