How does Content Marketing Strategy help company do to be unique in 2018?

All companies will want to be unique in their own way. But are they unique? Not so much. Almost all of them have similar methods to market their product, advertising strategies are the same. So, what can they do to be different? How can they reach their goal?

Here’s what they can do, they can make a content marketing strategy! It is not as difficult as it sounds.

Content Marketing Strategy!

In general, content marketing strategy is your “why?”

Why do you want to create content?

Whom do you want to address?

How exactly can you help others in such a way that no one else can?

Companies create content to attract more customers. Their final goal is to increase their revenue, gain more valuable and loyal customers, last but not the least – low cost management.

According to Kristina Halvorson, content strategy goes deep into the “creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.”  At the core, it helps the business to manage all the content they have.

Should I really have a content marketing strategy?

Let’s just say that your content marketing strategy is the outline of your business. It is a plan in detail of how to use your data usefully. Now, not all strategies are similar, every business will have its own design.

But they all have the following 4 elements in common.

Deep Research

Research includes learning completely about your competitors, customer needs and their issues. Its important to write content regarding what your customers demand and not what you think your readers want. Instead of promoting your product or talking about how great your service is you can always choose to fill a void or even address a clear defined pain point.

Strong headline

Pulling your readers or pushing them away depends on how interesting and strong your headline is. The headline is supposed to be useful to the reader. It must be capable of including a sense of urgency to the reader. It should also convey the benefit in a unique way.

CTA (Call to action)

Do you think your CTA is effective enough to convince your audience to take an action immediately? The most effective CTA must guide your customer to decide the next step. It can be done using free product trial, entertaining video, or in-person consultation.

Visual content

Visual content can come in handy when you want to engage with the target audience. Using slides, infographics, videos and photos can communicate more than you think.


It’s time to buckle up Mr.SEO

TICK TOCK! The clock is ticking and your competitors are rising higher than you. Without a doubt, it’s extremely important to rank better on GOOGLE than the rest with Digital Marketing. Well, it’s not impossible, but let me tell you that it’s not a cake walk either. What are the major points to be noted to be NO.1 on GOOGLE?


  • Researching is tricky. Hence, SEO must always be attentive.
  • Keyword research – when you target on the wrong keywords, you can damage your campaign which leads to less traffic.

Identify your problems

After research work, it’s time to audit your site for problems that need to be fixed. Main things to focus are

Site errors that include

  • Redirecting any 404 pages to actual content
  • Changing 302 redirects to 301 redirects
  • Updating duplicate content pages, Meta titles, and Meta descriptions.

Website Speed

Speed matters as customers cannot wait for the page to load. In fact, research shows that 40% people abandon the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Make sure you don’t lose your valuable customers because your site is slow.

On-page Optimization

Page optimization plays a very important role to attract more customers to your site. When your web page is relevant to the topic, you will gain more visitors than usual. You can add links – Google pays more attention when you engage the site with relevant pages.

Optimise your images

User experience is great when you add images on your website. But, it doubles when you optimize your product with right images. Giving a unique title to the featured image along with an alt-text regarding the post. Optimising the alt tags gives another opportunity for Google to notice what your page is about. Again, its all about relevance. We should not have a picture of an Elephant with the alt tag “Lion” by mistake. Only the perfectly optimized page can bring in a lot of visitors. Is your webpage following these points? What are your end-results?

Beware of Competitors Strategy

Competitors are out there, whether you like it or not. They are as hungry as you are. In fact, they are just hurdles in your way towards success.

So, what can be done to get past these hurdles?

First and foremost – do you have enough e-commerce product content? Because increasing the number of customers for your company is entirely dependant on your product content.

A thorough study of our competitors is required. Why is it important to research competitors?

So that, we can be prepared to face them.

The research you gather about your competitors is called Competitive research. The most important step in a competitive research is to Categorize your competitors.

By doing so, you will understand their strengths and their weaknesses, and learn how to position your company.
Identify, understand and raise the benchmark so you won’t have to worry about them sneaking up behind you.

There are three divisions through which you can easily categorize your competitors

Primary competitors

They are your direct competitors. It means that these companies are selling similar products, or they might even be targeting the same audience.

Secondary competitors

These are companies which sell high-end or low-end versions of your product. Perhaps sell something totally different to a similar audience.
For instance, if you’re selling Rolex watches, a secondary competitor might be a Timex retailer.

Tertiary competitors

This includes businesses that are tangentially related to your company. It may come in handy when you want to expand your product catalog. They are mostly products related to your company.

For example, if you sell jewelry, your tertiary competitors may sell gems or precious stones.
As you conduct your research, make sure you update your work in a spreadsheet or a database.

Respect your Competition

Research work is necessary…on the other hand, respecting your Competition is equally important. Read what Mr.Ken Sadowsky, the Co-Owner of Ribbon Warehouse had to say about the same.

While growing up, my father who also was a small business owner, had a wall plaque in his office that essentially echoed the sentiments of the importance of embracing, appreciating and understanding your competition.

This personally stuck with me and is something I have continually practiced in the 14 years we have operated as an ecommerce company. – Ken Sadowsky, Co-Owner, Ribbon Warehouse (Courtesy:

Note: Always remember, your B2B product content services matter a lot. Present all the details in an organized manner – Quality speaks.

Voilà! you have everything you need. Now, all you must do is follow these steps and push your company towards SUCCESS!


Why is YouTube Important for SEO?

“YouTube’s traffic continues to grow very quickly. Video is something that we think is going to be embedded everywhere. And it makes sense, from Google’s perspective, to be the operator of the largest site that contains all that video.” – Eric Schmidt

Video marketing has become an essential part of digital marketing. The number of people viewing videos is increasing day by day.

Also, videos can assist you in selling your products more than by using just text descriptions.

YouTube is the second biggest social media platform, and has become widely accepted as one of the best search engines for videos.

The following are some reasons why YouTube plays a very important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

YouTube videos are listed in Google’s search results

YouTube is owned by Google.

Hence, the videos listed here are likely to get displayed in Google search results. Moreover, you can also add, search for and share videos on YouTube directly using keywords.

SEO friendly videos will appear on search results more when compared to non-optimized videos.

These videos, in turn, get noticed better by viewers and have a better ranking.

Embedded YouTube videos increase conversion rates

You can embed YouTube videos to your website to improve the conversion rate. Embedding a video on as many pages of your website can improve your Google ranking.

However, if you are not embedding your own videos, you must get permission from the owner to do the same.

It is ideal that you place the embedded videos towards the beginning of your website page. This avoids viewers having to scroll down to access them. Similarly, do not embed too many videos in one page.

Embed only one unique video per page.

YouTube helps to target a large audience

With YouTube, you can reach out to various types of audiences worldwide. This is often not possible with just your website alone.

When your videos engage viewers, they are more likely to click on your website and social media page. They may also share and like these videos on their own social media pages and related platforms.

Google keeps a track on these likes and shares. This can in turn be beneficial for search engine optimization.

To sum up, people find viewing videos more interesting than reading through paragraphs of content. When you optimize your YouTube videos, the possibility of them getting viewed also increases.

You must use the appropriate keywords in the titles and descriptions for your videos to have a higher ranking in search engine results.

Also, make sure that the title is not too long so that it appears fully in the search results.

Similarly, use only two to three sentences more than the title for your description. The video transcript must also include appropriate keywords.


10 Reasons Why You Should Use SEO Practices for B2B Marketers

As a B2B Marketer, it is imperative that your presence is felt online. SEO strategies are always subject to change. This is due to a variety of factors like algorithm updates, change in user behaviour, new platforms and features, new industry findings etc.,

Here are 10 SEO best practices which would enable you to improve lead quality, build valuable relationships and gain brand exposure. Overall, looking at the data you could understand your target audience better.

1.Personalized content

Addressing your customer’s pain points is crucial in your content. In-order to direct your content, you need to think and understand your customer’s issues. Creating strategies, targeted blogs, industry news articles, webinars, product videos etc.,

2.Create High-Quality Landing Pages

How do you know that your landing page is of high quality? Look at how many people actually link to your pages and/or share them social media. If you have existing pages that generate links, replicate the strategy across all your website pages.

3.Take a Topical Approach to Keyword Research

The key is to focus on relevant topics instead of specific keywords. Learning more about the audience will help you device this.

4.Use natural language

Extensive thesaurus usage hampers understanding of the content to a large extent. Use words that are identifiable by voice recognition softwares.

5.Mobile friendliness

Make sure your design is mobile friendly. Do keep in mind, font size, multimedia content, site structure and navigation, content load times and conversion optimization while designing your website.

6.Consider chatbots to your site

Chatbots take engagement to higher level with interactive conversations with your potential customers. By looking at the chat, you could understand your customer better and work on strategies based on the learnings.

7.Social Media Matters

Today, not being an active person/company on social media is a huge negative for your brand. You will want your brand to be there amongst 1000’s of other brands and talk about current issues, solutions to problemst etc., At a bare minimum, you should be sharing content to increase your visibility, support link acquisition and gain exposure in search.


Though video may be a highly influential to market your products, Infographics is the same , only that can be created faster. And the information is bang on, without a premise leading to the issues and solutions. High quality, visual information of a certain subject naturally supports and builds traffic in organic search. They also present the opportunity to be added in slide shares, blog posts and much more.

9.Optimize for Site Speed

With the introduction of AMP, Google has amplified its speed, especially in mobile devices. Slow page load times not only impacts the user experience and conversion, but also brings down rankings.

10.Keep up with change

Every industry evolves and change is constant. Keeping up with every change is crucial. Being seen is more important. Taking part in tradefairs, subscribing to industry newsletters, and keeping your clients updated with trends is very important to stay relevant.

Looking to jump-start your existing B2B Website or even create and manage a successful one?

Write to us at and our experts will get back to you shortly.


How to boost your Christmas sales using Marketing Tips?

With 20% of annual sales is connected to the Christmas period, brands and retailers optimize their marketing spends around this time.

If one doesn’t do so, there is always the risk of losing customers to more aggressive players. Here are a few pointers to boost your e-commerce Christmas sale.

1. Create a sense of urgency

Though this may sound very B2C, creating a sense of urgency like ‘one 2 left in stock’ surprisingly increases sales.

Many popular B2C marketplaces use this tactic. This should prove useful to a B2B e-store owner as well.

2. Get in touch with old customers

A happy customer is always a good customer. Reminding an old customer from your database through email, on the products he purchased and the value- added services you provided, will jog his memory.

Sending a personal wish along with a discount coupon around the Christmas feel, or just updating them on the new stock you are selling now, will give your old customers a good feeling about you.

Managing your brand health at any time of the year, is key for sales.

3. Do not over-concentrate your budget around the Christmas dates

Research shows that although search volume and clicks go up during the cyber weekend a significant percentage of shoppers don’t convert until the following week.

Hence, it is advisable to spread your budget through the cyber week, leading upto Christmas.

This will help you convert higher-intent shoppers who are ready to make the final purchase, based on the research they had done the previous week.

4. Offer free shipping on selected items

Research shows that a vast majority of shoppers look for free shipping instead of discounts on products. In-order to capitalize on this incentive, draw a formula around the products your sell.

I am sure, you would have products in your stock, that have a high retail value, but low shipping costs.

You can offer free shipping on such products for a limited period. IF this does not work out, offer free shipping to those who make a minimum dollar purchase.

5. Use popular keywords

SEO forms a base to a multitude of searched items on the internet.

Make sure you use popular keywords in your e-store’s content to get maximum hits.

Use relevant and popular keywords. Plan your Christmas marketing strategy around these optimized keywords.

6. Referral program

Using a referral program with a code to happy customers, is a great way to increase your customer base.

Satisfied customers are bound to share this code with family and friends, thus increasing your potential sales for the holiday season.

This is a great way to increase your sales and profits without much thought.

7. Social Media strategy

The power of social media is limitless. Identify social media channels that get maximum number of ‘your kind of visitors’.

Next, plan an e-commerce marketing strategy in a social media platform and communicate what needs to be heard.

Appealing to your target audience in the right environment in key to doing great marketing.

Make sure your profile and all communications has the ‘Christmas feeling’ to it. Imagery, content and the design should all shout out, ‘Merry Christmas’!

8. Using the right content

We all know that Christmas is often an excuse to buy new things. Target people who believe in this by using keywords like ‘Christmas Deals’, ‘Holiday shopping deals’, ‘Must buy Christmas gifts’ etc.

Your content should excite and educate your target audience. Your content should drive your target audience to your website.

Beyond that they are free to make an informed decision on their own.

9. Your special customers get special rewards

Many B2C retailers have now started to attract and keep their special/high profit customers happy by showcasing deals before everybody else gets to see. The same can be applied in B2B aswell.

Contact your sharks and make sure they get codes, coupons and limited access deals to products unlike the usual customers.

Using this tactic, helps you get your word-of-mouth marketing going amongst similar customers and you also make sure your sharks are happy.

10. Stock up!

You need to stock up well before December. Make sure you get the right warehouse and shipping third party details to send out stock as and when the purchase is made.

All this, so that you do not want to put up ‘ Out of stock’ against some products.

If you know that there is going to be demand for a certain kind of product, make sure you stock some extra.

When you are unable to deliver goods that are purchased, it reflects bad on you and your brand. Don’t let that happen!

11. Bundle up products

Give your users the power of choice. When you bundle up products that could together give your customer a massive discount over and above the holiday discount, he is sure to clear some products from your warehouse.

Bundle up products that you think may serve the similar purpose or go together as a set. This is a tactical way to push inventory and save shipping costs.

12. Customer reviews

Research shows that at least 85% of online shoppers consider, product feedback and customer reviews before making the final purchase decision.

In this holiday rush, people are bound to be reading customer feedback on products before doing their research on other brands’ of products.

Make sure your have positive feedback and appealing customer reviews to enable positive purchase decisions.

13. Seamless shopping experience

Make sure your product pages are updated with the right product content, High-res images are uploaded and of course your webpage loads effortlessly on a desktop or on a mobile device.

Make sure there are no broken pages.

Providing an easy to navigate and informed e-store increases to chances of purchase from visitors. Remember, customer engagement is key!

The above mentioned are mere ideas.

Ideas brought to life, increases your profits. As an online seller, make sure you hire the right team to get the job done.

You are one whole month ahead of the holiday season.

Make sure your e-store is Christmas ready this 2019, by partnering with Altius Technologies.

Providing end to end solutions for e-stores, Altius can help you with data enrichmentcatalog management, e-store designs, payment gateways, thus — increasing profits this holiday season.

To know more,

Business people rushing towards success

Upcoming B2B marketing trends, this 2020

The B2B marketing trends has seen extensive growth in the last 5 years. But the industry has hit a roadblock in directional thinking in the last 2 years.

eg., In order to collect product data, without gauging importance of the kind of data that could be uploaded, most companies now have a huge amount of data in their hands. Most of this data is not relevant to the end consumer.

Learning from failures, 2020 will see a new generation of informed B2B marketers whose choices and decisions would be based on information and strategies.

Marketing Technology Systems

Most businesses have a multitude of marketing technology system in place. If not one, the other would do the intended job.

This 2020, will see the rise of the ‘all-in-one’ marketing technology systems that would be able to do a multitude of solutions. Systems that don’t provide much value will be scrapped.

As a result of this, B2B web developers will see a good year. New solutions will be introduced providing high quality user experience.

Theme-sites is going to be a No Go

Keeping in mind that most B2B businesses now focus on brand identity and extensive online user experience, one can conclude that theme- based word-press designs will be obsolete.

With multiple websites using the same theme, viewers have now started to find it boring to say the least, thus resulting in a lack of interest in viewing the website itself.

B2B businesses, now are ready to invest in custom made website designs, that resonate their beliefs and products they sell.

Focus on the right data

With the need of data to share with their customers, B2B businesses have been collecting data for the last couple of years.

After doing so, it has been found out with much deliberation, that most companies now a huge amount of data to deal with.

So they are looking at managing the right data. scrapping data could be a tedious yet very resourceful in the end.

2020 will see businesses make data driven strategic decisions.

Customer centric

2020 will see the rise of customer centric software and websites. Most websites will focus on providing customer centric online experience.

Combined with the sole reason to get the end customer’s attention, all strategies will based on consumer behaviour and the related science.

Google Ads

With easy accessibility to Google ads, now every B2B an B2C that can be documented and verified on the success rates. When you decide that you can pay Google for every click, Google will decide where and how to show the ad.

Most multi dollar companies, have a huge budget for online advertising. Utilizing this budget can have a positive impact on your business revenue. Keeping in mind SEOSEM and other digital marketing services could prove beneficial to your 2020 online gameplan.

Sales Vs Marketing

2020 will see the amalgamation of sales and marketing under one roof. With both being interdependent, you will be trying to reach out hyperspecialized targets.

Using demographics and predictive behaviour, targeted marketing techniques will be developed to reach out to the right decision-making individuals.

Gaining better understanding of the prospect will help B2B companies develop precise strategies that could be deployed.

Not all Content is useful content

People have been writing content for the last couple of years for the sake of writing content. Believing that content marketing is the most important form of marketing, marketers have been uploading junk in the name of content the last 3years.

2020, will see the undo of this culture. Content will be directed towards providing valuable information. High quality content will be produced keeping in mind the evolved B2B consumer, who can now differentiate valuable content against trash.

2020 will see the boom of the evolved B2B consumer who can differentiate faff from quality content. Focussing on brand, targeted marketing and talking the right words, would prove beneficial for your

Looking to play the game right, this 2020?

Altius Technologies can help you with the rules of the game


Things to remember when you attend Exclusively Electrical Trade Show

Exclusively Electrical Trade Show is back to the Business Design Centre, London, UK. Year-on-year it is organized for the companies within the industry to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services and test the newest market trends.

The trade show not only serves as a business platform to showcase their products to potential customers but they can also get a sneak peek at what the competition is working on. 

However, if you are new to attending such trade shows, this space is for you to read. Here is a quick checklist that you can follow before or while attending the two-day Exclusively Electrical Trade Show starting from 09 June 2020

Do not spend too much time with people you already know

We have noticed that most people just revert the warmth of hanging out with people they already know, thereby missing an opportunity to explore new contacts. Hanging out with your co-workers is the last thing which you would want to do in a trade show. 

Trade shows are all about showcasing new products, corporate, meeting new people and explore new avenues. 

Come prepared

Plot out which companies you want to see, where they are located as well as educational sessions you plan to attend. 

For example, Altius Technologies will be waiting to showcase its digital marketing solutions for the interests participants of the trade show. Now that you have noted down the purpose of your visit, you can reach out to the specific stalls. 

Getting acquaintance with the layout and hours of the show will help you a lot. Also, if the show format allows you to make a prior appointment with the exhibitors, you should not miss it.  It helps speed things along.

Staying shy doesn’t help

Trade shows are all about networking. Everyone is there to meet new people. The showcase of one’s interpersonal communication skills is very important here. 

You may prepare a few opening lines to break the ice. An appropriate suggestion would be to simply ask a person, “What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen at the show?” 

Dress appropriately

For a long day ahead, we recommend you to dress comfortably yet look professional. We recommend you not to wear new shoes! 

To visit multiple stalls, keep walking for a long time and finally unable to pay attention to any conversation as your feet hurts is the least you would want to experience.  

Follow on Social Media

If you are active on popular social media platforms, you can follow the trade show’s hashtag, join the LinkedIn Group, etc. It will help you with a brief idea of what you can expect from the upcoming trade show. 

Finally, carry a water bottle along with you. Staying hydrated will keep you active., thereby pay more attention while visiting multiple stalls and interacting with several business executives. 

Exclusively Electrical Trade Show is being conducted alongside the Houseware show at Business Development Centre, London, UK on 09 June 2020 and 10 June 2020.  


Latest Trends of Product Information Management

Latest Trends of Product Information Management

Advancement in technologies is pushing Product Information Management (PIM) to the next level. Business owners are understanding the importance of PIM and with time, the number of PIM implementations is increasing. Here are some of the latest trends dominating the PIM ecosystem

AI-Driven Product Data Management

PIM mainly focuses on data management. Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in managing data, offering product recommendations based on user preferences, providing customer support through chatbots, and more.

Slowly AI will also help write better product descriptions using NLP – Natural Language Processor – to enhance customer experience.

Use of Augmented Reality

PIM is all about enhancing the customer’s shopping experience. The PIM tools make it easy for the customers to search their desired products with the help of accurate product descriptions.

Usage of Augmented Reality will help developers generate web interfaces. Customers can access the web pages through their smartphones and interact with the desired products.

Using Blockchain

Accurate product descriptions are crucial for product sales. PIM tools are using blockchain to authenticate product descriptions. Moreover, any alterations to the product data can be easily managed, making real-time catalog management feasible.

Blockchain approves changes made to the product descriptions and also approves or rejects product images if any. In addition, Blockchain secures your product information. 

Video and Audio Content

Product data in video or audio format tends to appeal to customers. It is capable of offering all the relevant product information in less time.

Moreover, you do not need high budget high-quality videos of your products to reach out to your customers. Simple and visually clear videos will appeal to your customers.

Easy Integration

PIM integration with multiple third-party software programs makes the tool function better. For instance, PIM can be integrated with maps to find out whether the buyers location matches with the areas of seller’s shipment.

Similarly, PIM can be integrated with ERP and CRM.

PIM tools are meant to automate manual efforts, increase employee productivity, enhance customer experience, and showcase accurate product data.

The above-mentioned trends have already taken PIM to the next level.

Altius Technologies provides innovative PIM solutions and also helps its customers with PIM implementation.

If you wish to experience the PIM solutions and interact with the experts from Altius Technologies, then book your calendar for the upcoming PIMpoint Summit 2020.

This is an opportunity for you to meet various other industry leaders to broaden your knowledge on PIM.