Importance of Product Taxonomy in E-Commerce Sales

A product taxonomy has two parts associated with it. The first part refers to a category or a hierarchy into which products of a particular type are grouped together. The second part indicates an attribute that should be mentioned for each product.

For example, laptop is a category and brand is an attribute. A category usually has more than one attribute associated with it to differentiate one product from the other.

Product taxonomy helps e-commerce sellers in organizing their product catalog and making it easy for shoppers to view its contents through a navigational experience.

This blog gives you an idea of why product taxonomy plays an important role in your e-commerce sales.

Different navigation styles

People use different ways to search for the same product in an online store. With a taxonomy, you can tag content based on both type and product.

Classification based on usage

In e-commerce sales, products are usually grouped based on their usage. This helps a customer in easily finding what they want in an online store with just a few clicks. The correct taxonomy allows a customer to find what exactly he is looking for or a close match to the keywords he searched for.

Index product details

Product taxonomy helps in indexing all vital details related to a product. Proper indexing of products can boost your sales greatly and play a key role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines find, index and rank structured content more efficiently than unstructured content.

Customize based on customer preferences

With a taxonomy in place, customers can make individual preferences by selecting appropriate attributes to list only the products of their choice. They will not have to waste time for what they want from a large database of similar products. As a result, there are chances they will keep coming back to buy more. This can result in increased website traffic and sales.

To sum up, you can use a product taxonomy to group various products and their related accessories together to ease a customer’s search process. This will result in enhancing the click-through rate of your e-commerce website. Another advantage of using a product taxonomy is that it can help you identify the products that customers tend to buy more than others.


Why is Product Content Marketing for your B2B business?

Let’s just say that is completely true. Product Content Marketing has become the heart of every online marketing business. You may be using a lot of improvised techniques to market your product and stay in the competition, but if product content marketing is not one of them then you are falling behind.

Basically, product content marketing is about creating meaningful, relevant and valuable content to grab your customer’s attention.

It develops an interest in the minds of your target audience and urges them to respond immediately.

Having a B2B business, you are bound to have a lot of competition.

What can you do to be one step higher?

A good product content marketing strategy will do magic!

You can increase the visibility and eventually influence many people who in turn may want to buy it.

Doesn’t that sound great?

Also, when it comes to good Product Content Marketing for B2B business, there are few tips to make it effective.

So, here’s what we can do:

Create Traffic

If you have a good networking system that includes extensive social media presence, e-mail subscribers and more, then your Product Content Marketing can drive in traffic effortlessly.

Get connected

Content with great quality should give birth to conversations with your target audience. In case you don’t have questions, likes, and shares for your content, it clearly means that you haven’t created a connection with your customers.

Increase sales/revenue

Any action taken must show a positive result in your sales/revenue. At the end of the day, all you want is to raise your revenue using content effectively.

You can start by making blogs for your website and by creating a LinkedIn account. Take small steps into the huge world and gradually become no.1 in your field. Product content marketing is like a sea, it’s vast and deep. You can drown or learn how to swim. Everything is completely in your hands.


How to Develop an Online Product Catalog for Your E-Commerce Business

An online product catalog plays a very important role in an e-commerce business. It gives a prospective customer the technical details of the product that enables him to make the purchase decision. This catalog is usually detailed and accurate along with multiple images of the product itself.

Here, we give you a few tips for effective product catalog management.

Give maximum information available

An interested customer should never have to look for other sources to get additional information of the product you have displayed for their purchase.

Ensure that the title and the description of your listing is not the same as that of your competitors if they sell identical products. Use appropriate keywords within 50 characters limit without overusing them. Separate the keywords using a single space. Avoid punctuations to do the same.

Choose a white background and either a PNG, GIF, JPG or TIFF format for your image. Remember to check that the clarity is not affected when the image is zoomed.

Use bullet points to highlight details

Bullet points will make it easy for interested customers in their decision-making process. Mention the essential points at the beginning followed by other details.

For best results, mention the bullet points appear just below or to the right of the product image. This will help customers see the details without having to scroll down.

Maintain consistency throughout

Use the same format and notations for all product listings. For example, if you mention the color as ‘BLUE’ for a product, do not use ‘blue’, ‘Blue’ or ‘BLU’ for other products of the same color. This makes the search process easy.

List the attributes in the same order for all products. If you list the attributes color, size and price in the mentioned order for a product, retain the same order for all products.

Ensure accurate category mapping

Category mapping serves as the guide to your product catalog. It helps a prospective customer easily find what he wants from the huge list of products available. With correct category mapping and product filters, a customer can make his selection from just the set of appropriate products.

Deploy cross-selling techniques

Cross-selling techniques can help you to improve your sales. After a product listing, use a “You may be interested in” link that prompts them to related products.

For example, if a viewer is looking at a lipstick, you can use the “You may be interested in” link to direct her to the category that displays your collection of lip glosses.

Maintain user friendly internal search

Keep the search function as user friendly as possible. If a prospective customer starts typing the name of a product in the search bar, display various appropriate suggestions to minimize the typing time.

You can also direct customers to the right product even when they accidentally make a spelling mistake.

Avoid using duplicate content

Do not use the same content for a product listing even if two products have same features. In other words, do not reuse content from a page of your own catalog or another website. This will be considered as duplicate content and can trigger SEO problems.

An online product catalog can play an important role in transforming occasional customers to loyal shoppers. With ample information and images about the product listings, it can make customers make up their mind without much apprehension.


Why outsourcing E-commerce Product content is better than doing it in-house?

As an online distributor to B2B industrial products, you will have a lot on your plate. starting with supply chain management, inventory, shipping and returns, product catalog, customer service strategy, and marketing.

So how do you focus on completing several important tasks at hand?

The solution is simple: By Outsourcing your Ecommerce product content.

Every product is unique. The requirement of every customer is different.

How do you stay relevant and engage your customers and answer their questions while they select the product in need?

Ans: Effective Product Content Solution.

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Benefits of Outsourcing product content services

Product content may be one of the most tedious tasks for every online distributor to handle. It is the platform were the dealership was physical, the customer would produce technical details to the customer service executive to help him out with the product.

In an online store, one can reach the customer service executive usually post the purchase is made. So, to answer the immediate concern of getting a specific product with the specified technical details, you need enriched product content.

Outsourcing product content is the smart way to do this.

Fresh perspective

Enriched product content is usually provided by external entities.

The content as the name suggests is enriched, normalized & optimized.

Following industry standards, SEO friendly, the content is up to date and detailed. Details go a long way.

Giving more technical attributes helps faster purchase decisions. Getting your product content enriched in-house, will not give your content that ‘X’ factor that will resonate with your customers.

360 degree approach

A simple screw can be used for different needs. For carpentry work. For lights and fittings. The list could go on. Suggesting the areas where the product could be found useful, helps customers in understanding and thinking beyond their current needs. This point-of-view usually comes to play when an external entity does your product content.

Cost effective

Writing product descriptions is considered a short-term and seasonal task because this only comes up when there are additional items in the inventory or sometimes writing content for the first time even. Having a fixed investment in-house to cater to this is not cost-effective. Outsourcing product content also helps you in focussing investment on other important areas that will need in-house resource time.

Product Content Services are usually both SEO friendly and consumer friendly.

Altius Technologies is dedicated to writing content that will bring your products high on the search terms. The content about the product itself is very precise and detailed.

Having 17+years in catalog, the company has a rich database they bank upon to get valid information for B2B industrial products.

Still thinking of doing Product Content Enrichment, in-house?

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How to Write Epic Product Descriptions That Sell?

A detailed and well-written product description has the power to transport your customer through the sales funnel.

For B2B products, focussing on detailed tech specs and product benefits, can help customers make an informed decision.

This will also help you gain an edge over competition.

Here are a few trade secrets that you can use to keep your customers hooked to your website.

Eye for detail

While a photo of the product is important, the tech specs provides information to the customers on whether the product is the right fit for their need or not.

Giving complete information about the product persuades customers to browse through and engage in the lookout for more products in your website.

Know your customer

When you know your customer, you can predict the kind of questions he is going to come up with when he is in the look out for a specific product.

Answer these questions in your product descriptor. Answering frequently asked questions will bring down loss of potential customers to a great extent.

Should you write product description?

Firstly, ask yourself, are you well educated about the technical specification of your products?

Or are you good at selling the right product to solve your customer’s problem.

I expect your answer to be the latter.

When you are selling a B2B product, it is best advised you get the help of experts in the field. These experts have databases of products with their tech specs, that run into the minutest details.

Altius Technologies has been providing product content services to B2B distributors for more than 10years now.

Their expertise and experience in industrial tools – manufacturing, electronics, engineering, plumbing, janitorial etc., has now helped them develop an industrial tool database with more than 3Million SKU’s. They also provide a subscription model for the same.

Why go to experts for product description?

  1. Having optimized product descriptions can help you improve your SEO rankings. Using certain keywords can help you improve your chances of ranking in Google.
  2. Product description should be standardized across the website. Getting one expert to do the whole taxonomy, normalization, gap fill, enrichment, cleansing and catalog management of your product content can help you have a standardized website. A product description template must be followed across the website for optimal customer experience.
  3. Go that extra mile. Beyond giving just technical specifications for your product, go that extra mile and provide description on the uses of the product. If it is compatible to other products, make sure to mention them. Giving more than the usual information as part of the product description, will help your website rank high in your customer’s consideration chart.


Mastering in product description requires patience, creativity and bankable data.

When you have a long list of products in your website that needs product descriptors, the wise thing to do is hire an expert.

To narrow down on the expert, look at their previous work and who they have worked with in the past. This will help you determine their quality of writing.

Looking for more information on product description for your page


Significance of Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is an important task in every e-commerce company. When you have your products online and visitors to convert into customers, your data needs to be precise, accurate and faultless.

Data cleansing helps you achieve this. Inaccurate and repeated data is removed alongside corrections made in spelling, invalid data and misinformation.

Need for clean data

In B2B e-commerce, inaccurate data analytics leads to misguided decision making and can expose the industry to compliance issues. Since most items are bought basis requirement, the specifications need to be precise.

Data is dynamic in nature

Having said that, it is important to know how to organize and utilise data. Data cleansing helps arrange data in a way that can be accessible to anybody and everybody. Data cleansing also helps in removing duplicate entries and inaccurate data. Any update on specifications can be done on time in the right place , by anybody who has the right information.

Data that leads to the manufacturers

Product specifications online must match to the manufacturer’s specifications for the said product.

And it is very important that the specs are right. Wrong specs for a product can bring a bad image to the manufacturer. In B2B e-commerce wrongful data could cost lawsuits being filed.

Develop a framework in advance

Data cleansing is a repetitive and time-consuming job. Once the data is cleaned it needs to be stored in a secure location.

The staff should keep a complete log of the process, as to which all data went through compilation and which didn’t. If a data cleansing framework is not created in advance, the entire process will become repetitive.

Outsource your data cleansing

It is always wise to focus on what you are good at- selling industrial tools. Your team is trained to handle calls, clients and sell. You do not want to hire a team for a seasonal period. Consider an outside expert’s help to do your data cleansing.

The need for cleansing data has never been so needed by the world. Data is useless unless it is cleaned thoroughly.

Choose Altius Technologies for your Data Cleansing services

Altius has been providing top quality data cleansing services for 11 years now. Altius also does a host of data entry services.

Our data cleansing specialists can handle your requests while ensuring that the requirements are met within the expected time.

Our cost-effective services help you save considerable amount of time and money as well.

With 200+ skilled engineers in data management services, Altius boasts a 99% accuracy rate in all its 350+ projects. We also do Product Content Managementenrichment services, PIM implementation and software services.


Why outsource your e-commerce catalog management?

As an e-commerce retailer, you would very well understand how important it is to have a detailed product description and tech specs for all your products. Considering the plethora of products, you are dealing with, keeping up with updated information is a challenge.

The information is becoming redundant and managing this data becomes a time-consuming and costly affair.

Below are the challenges that you face when it comes to managing your e-commerce product catalog.

Constant Product Updation

With new products coming up every day and old products being refurbished, it is necessary you have updated product content for all your products at any given time.

You may end up setting up a team just to handle this everyday chaos. Instead, invest in an outsourced team that could be on a constant lookout for product updation.

By doing so you can concentrate on expanding your venture and focussing on marketing, operations, branding and customer relations.

Providing an Omnichannel Experience

Every seller would agree that if you are selling your products at multiple market places, the biggest challenge is listing the products simultaneously.

The main challenge is that every site has its own specification that it requires you to adhere to.

When you try to fit your product information as per the required marketplace’s framework, you are bound to miss out on some critical information about the product.

This will in-turn hurt your reputation and hurt the customer’s decision-making process.

Most sellers do not understand that there might be an easier way to display all the product information consistently across all marketplaces, thus making sure all the required information is intact.

Expert agencies focus on creating such detailed information that sellers can use.

Hiring these experts could help you in your marketplace listings.

The Right Supplier Data

If you are a re-seller, you should know how important it is to get the right supplier data.

More importantly, publish the supplier’s data. Most suppliers hand over products to re-sellers with bare minimum information about the product.

There are sometimes even spelling errors in this information shared

This nuisance needs to be fixed by the re-seller. He knows that by showcasing minimum or errored information will take a toll on his sales and company’s brand value.

Finding a way to dodge this bullet could be helpful in the long run.

Maintaining Data Quality

It is difficult to maintain data quality when you are dealing with millions of products, across multiple channels and working with supplier data.

Your product information can have wrong spellings, wrong information, wrong descriptions or even attributes.

Managing all this information on Excel can be an overwhelming experience.

You need to understand that Excel was not built for catalog management. You need to look out for robust content management tools to manage this amount of data.

You will also end up employing a team to handle this amount of information. Their sole purpose of work would be only constant updation with the right information.

This might not prove beneficial in the long run.

You will be wasting your time and money on something that can be outsourced, thus saving both time and money.

Choosing experts to deal with this amount of information could prove beneficial to you.

Centralize your Information- PIM

If there is one thing that you have learned in all this Gyan, is that centralizing your information holds the key to proper catalog management.

Choosing the right PIM according to the kind of data you currently have and the option of scalability every PIM could offer should be kept in mind before investing in a PIM solution.

The painful process of searching products for updating their related information across multiple channels, could be easily avoided using the right PIM.

The right PIM would have you update only at one point and share that information across multiple internal and external channels.

Do you see yourself facing all the above-mentioned problems day to day?

Are you looking for advice on selecting the right PIM?

We can help you.


How Data Enrichment Services Help In Market Identification?

All businesses work under the pretext of profit maximization. Today with the abundant availability of data across industries, companies prefer to base their marketing strategies on the data collected. As a B2B company, you would have enough information about the kind of customers that buy your products. Understanding these customers could benefit you in designing your marketing strategies or even future re-alignment of the company.

Data Enrichment

This involves cleaning and enhancing of raw data. Meaning, Data enrichment makes data more valuable to you. The common enrichment processes are just about correcting typos and product content. But have you thought about enriching your lead data? You know its incomplete and it has so much potential to help you design your efforts towards increasing sales. You can get your data enriched and segregated based on
  • Geography: Location, postal code, and country
  • Demographics: Age, gender, income, and education
  • Behavior: Preferred purchases and forms of communication

How is this data helpful to you?

In-depth buyer segmentation

By categorizing buyers under the tabs of age, gender, occupation and of-course the kind of products they have purchased, you can club them into different groups. You can curate your marketing efforts based on the group you want to target. Answering questions they might have could prove to be a great conversation starter between the company and the customers directly.

Customer Experience

Forming a long-lasting relationship with your customer is pivotal in any business relationship. The enriched data could show the direction on enhancing customer experience online/offline in-order for you to take to achieve this.

Lead scoring

Enriched data gives you more insights on leads. This helps you understand who they are and what did they last do on your site- online/offline. Focussing on existing customer’s buying behaviour help you gauge the missing factor and therefore prioritize the same to gain new customers. To a large extent web scrapping also helps you in providing information with regards to leads.


Regardless of B2C or B2B, a customer likes to be treated well and approached in a personal way. He does not like mass advertising, nor is he influenced by it. The learning here, know your customer inside out. Not all customers think alike. Everybody is different. Yet they can be grouped in different sets, based on a certain set of values. Data enrichment can give you a deep understanding about who your customers are, their demographics, location, likes and dislikes etc.,. This data can help you curate campaigns to target a specific set of customers. The perks of getting your lead & existing customer data enriched Most B2C companies make sure that their marketing team understands their customers. Customers evolve over time. The same can be expected for B2B customers as well. Everybody is unique and change is constant. Understanding this evolution over time is very important for every business. Having a deep- rooted insight of your leads and existing customers can help you plan your business better.
  • Increase the conversion rates on your landing page
  • Improve your product sales
  • Score your leads
  • Develop a personal approach to your lead
  • Categorize your data
To get optimal result out of your data post enrichmentit is very important you choose the right partner for the job. With many entities out there promising an undistinguishable plethora of data, you need to understand if their source is reliable and if the team is dependable. Getting to work with junk data or wrong or bad data will result in a no hope result. Experts at Altius Technologies have proven efficient in working with old data and finding a way to correct wrong data. The teams focus on finding a solution instead of finding a faster way out of the problem. Make sure your make the right choice now. Book a demo and learn more about how we could help you.

Improve your online product content for conversion

With B2C marketplaces setting a benchmark for seamless shopping online, B2B e-stores are in the journey of picking up a thing or two from their B2C counterparts. A flawless and highly enjoyable shopping experience leads to final sales and in some cases repeat sales as well.

The focus has always been on the purchase journey. B2B customers now expect a B2C shopping experience. Here are a few tips that could improve your online product content and lead to conversion.

High-quality images

Customers buy what they see. Without a touch and feel experience, customers rely on pictures to make the decision to buy.

High-quality images and videos of the product can help the customer visualize the product.

Sometimes even videos explaining how the product would look when a user uses it can be uploaded to give the customer an unfiltered experience of the product without touching it in real.

Competitive pricing

Pricing is everything in businesses. Online shopping is no exemption. If you are in the business of selling branded products, make sure you sell them at/below the average price to induce sales.

The quality of the product along with your marketing will heavily influence the customer into buying the product.

Well structured webpage

Make sure your e-store has a well-structured home and related pages. Structuring your products in a logical manner but easy to the eye design will keep your visitor hooked to your page.

Also, focussing on easy navigation through the site gives a richer shopping experience.

Detailer product descriptions

Product descriptions are everything in this business. It is important you display the required fields of any given product properly in order to induce sales.

You should know by now, the kind of people who visit your site. Keeping them in mind, make sure you add all fields that would answer their questions regarding the product.

Accept product reviews

When was the last time you did not look for product reviews before buying the said product?

I bet you did.

Reviews play an important role in the decision-making process of your customers.

Make sure you follow up with your past customers for the review regarding the sold product.

Always make “Add to cart” button visible

Sometimes as the visitor browses through the product specs, he may be inclined to buy the product right away.

For this, an “ADD TO CART” button needs to be placed in the right place.

Placing the button at the bottom of the page may not be of any use. The button needs to be placed right after the product specs.

Search Engine Optimized Content

The content you add to your page has to be SEO friendly. You must use words that your visitors would normally use to search the products they need.

Not having an SEO optimized page is as good as not being present at all.

Personalized content

Creating personalized content for your visitors will shorten the path of purchase. Understanding your customers is key to achieve this.

Speaking the language your customers speak highly influences them to make the purchase.

Be it product content within the e-store or even the central messaging of the e-store, when you speak their language and provide solutions for their problems, there are higher chances of conversion.

E-store messaging

What does your e-store stand for? Come up with a unique selling proposition that resonates with your brand.

Trustworthy, approachable, 24/7 service, discounted price, etc., could be a starting point.

You need to position yourself differently in comparison to your competitors. Why else will a visitor buy from you instead of somebody else?

Live chat and 24/7 support

Having a Live chat is like having a salesperson to go to at any given time during the purchase journey for the visitor. With the advent of chatbots, now you can be present to help a visitor in a different time zone.

When you have a B2B e-store, make sure the purchase journey is rich and articulated well. Speaking about your customer language is key.

Make sure you have what it takes to present yourself in a unique way and still be relatable to your customers.

Looking to start your very own e-store or give a facelift to your existing e-store?

Altius Technologies can help you with this.

Get in touch with us and let’s start talking.