Altius has Introduced Feedback Management Software for Amazon Sellers

Altius Technology Solution has been the pilot in the field of eCommerce Product Content Solutions for almost 2 decades. Understanding customer needs, applying creative and innovative methodologies have helped us win customer loyalty that has fueled our growth.

Realising that Amazon Marketplace is full of challenges, we decided to make a simple way out of the puzzle.

We have proudly developed an Amazon Feedback Tool called “Insight Mailer” for organically increasing your seller/product rating and ranking through targeted feedback requesting and promotional campaigns.

This Feedback Tool will make your work easy at a minimal cost and drastically increase your ranking sales.

What is Insight Mailer?

90% of Amazon buyers fail to review or give a feedback about their customer journey.

Every Amazon Merchant who is looking for buyer’s reviews/ratings will choose a Feedback Management tool.

Amazon Merchants are keen to boost their business in Amazon seller platform.

Insight Mailer is India’s First Feedback Management Software developed for Amazon sellers launched by Altius technology solution. Nowadays, customer feedback and review plays an important role. This Amazon Seller Tool is a narrow bridge between customers and sellers. Staying in touch with customers can be done by sending e-mails and promotions on a frequent basis. Moreover, Insight Mailer solicits feedbacks from your customers.

Insight Mailer works as a Best Amazon Seller Software to retrieve customer ratings/reviews, to send e-mails campaigns to customers and to offer promotions for various products.

Features about Insight Mailer

  • Automate your e-mail messaging and feedback requesting process.
  • Capture customer attention through targeted promotional campaigns.
  • Ensure right messages are delivered at the right time through targeted email campaigns.
  • Insight Mailer helps you understand the sentiments of your customers and target the right shoppers through its unique algorithm.

This Amazon Review Software can clearly help you in increasing your sales and improving the name of your business.
It ensures that all your customers are satisfied.

Are you looking for an Amazon Feedback Software?


How Can Social Media Help in E-Commerce Sales & Marketing?

“Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.” – Bonnie Saibsbury

Social media has become an integral part of most e-commerce businesses. This is because social media can help in understanding customer needs and building brand identity. This can in turn help to drive traffic towards your e-commerce website. Moreover, social media has become a widely accepted platform for people to leave reviews about their e-commerce purchase.

Here are some ways your e-commerce business can take advantage of social media.

Optimize social media posts

Write content that is appealing and relevant to the audience. Incorporate multimedia such as photos or videos so that the content is more engaging. Make the content shareable so that it enhances your search engine rankings considerably.

Engage customers with periodic interaction

Social media serves as an effective medium to gain new customers and also address grievances of existing customers. It can also act as a platform to respond to customer queries regarding a product.

You can also make interactions interesting by asking setting up polls or conducting surveys for your followers. These will guide you in understanding them better.

Use paid advertising options

Using social media ads, you can do customer research to understand their requirements. This can help to target customers based on various parameters such as their demographics, age, location and interests.
You can also run unique promotions or offer discounts through flash sales exclusively on your social media page. This is likely to make your existing customers come back to you more often and stay connected to your social media account.

Integrate social media with website

Use plugins to integrate various social media sharing buttons for each product on your website. It will help customers visiting your website share a product that they interesting on their social media page. The more number of social media sharing options you offer, your new customers count is also likely to increase.

Make use of hash tags

Hash tags are a great way to get your content reach a broad spectrum. These tags also not only get your content organized but also promote interaction with your customers.

However, for best results, do not use too many hashtags with your content. It is advisable to opt for just a couple of them for a single post.

Use blogs to keep customers informed

Have a dedicated blog section on your e-commerce website and make sure to keep it active. You can use your blog to keep customers updated about a new product launch or tips about using an existing product. The blog can also help you to make any company announcements that you have to make for your customers.

An interesting blog can pave way for a lot of discussions through social media either as separate posts or discussions through a single post.

To conclude, more than 80% consumers rely on social media to take informed buying decisions. Thus, social media can help you get builder closer relationships with your customers by engaging in conversations with them or through reviews.


Why Should You Use Digital Marketing Channels for E-Commerce Business?

“The Internet makes money for you when you build something that is real and when it matters to people!” – Darren Rowse

Digital marketing plays a key role in helping an e-commerce business increase its revenue, gain more customers and acquire brand value. Customers primarily prefer reading multiple online reviews of a product rather than relying on word-of-mouth.

DM can help your e-commerce businesses attract more customers by incorporating most of its own marketing channels that are given below.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO helps in increasing the organic traffic to your e-commerce website. It also assists in keeping your website unique and useful for customers.

Search Engine Optimization services India

Make sure that the listings on your website include product name and title, image and other appropriate keywords that are used to look up for products on a search engine. This can help you get a better ranking placement in search engine results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is the process of using paid ads to get faster results and target customers easily. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are two well-known SEM platforms. You can use these platforms to target likely customers based on various parameters like gender, age, location and more.

Paid ads are also referred to as sponsored listings and usually appear on top of the page. They are either small text based ads, display ads and product listing ads.

E-mail Marketing

Sending personalized e-mails can improve their shopping experience on your website and help you bond better with them. Through e-mail marketing, you can send e-mails about new product arrivals, discounts, combo offers and more based on their buying patterns.

You can also send follow-up emails to your customers. But, make sure that you do not send them very often. This is a great way to be assured of their loyalty and win new customers through them.

Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses on providing customers relevant content. This content must be closely associated with what you have to offer. Offering the right content can help you win customers’ trust and make them shop with you. It can change your customers to repeat buyers and prospects to confirmed buyers.

You can have a dedicated blog on your e-commerce website that highlights the benefits of using a product or a video that gives a working demo of the same. You can also use your social media page to share these details.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

You can use SMM to communicate with your customers and get to know them better. You can keep your sessions interactive by posting interesting blogs, making announcements about product launches, having polls, hosting contests/quizzes and answering queries.

However, not all options work well on every social media platform. Therefore, you must first identify which method works best for which platform and post accordingly.

Social Media Marketing services

To sum up, digital marketing helps e-commerce businesses to reach out to people through social media where they are active the most. You can also cater to people based on specific criteria and send them personalized e-mails with relevant content. This way, your customers’ trust in you will increase and they will keep coming back to you. It can also pave way for them to help you win new customers.


How to Promote Your Business Using Hashtags?

Hashtags are gaining popularity in today’s life cannot be ignored. They can help businesses of all sizes get noticed and in increasing their online presence across social platforms.

These tags also enhance engagement with new users. Originally used on Twitter alone, today hashtags are becoming increasingly popular on almost all social media platforms.

Filter and discover related content

Hashtags help customers categorize content and identify the relevant content among many social media posts. This can get them closer to your business posts instead of having to scroll to find them.

It also increases the possibility of new followers becoming new customers and eventually frequent buyers.

Represent business related keywords

When you use the right keywords as hashtags, your posts will get displayed on search engines.

This way, you will also get noticed by people who are not active on social media and may help you win new customers.

Use business related keywords to get the type of engagement that you wish to have for your business.

Highlight brand names

This method helps you to get your private label products recognized among their competitors. Mention the brand using a hashtag when you add a new post on your social media page to promote your brand products.

Try keep the brand name short and simple to increase its awareness through a social media platform. This makes it easy for viewers to read the name and remember the same.

A good example of this is the hashtag #KitKat that is used by the leading food and beverage company for one of its chocolate brands.

Organize contests and/or events

Host online contests to gain people’s attention using hashtags.

Ask participants to add a tag line to a photo pertaining to the contest and use a hashtag with the term you have specified.

For instance, if you specialize in barbecue equipment, you can ask participants to post a picture of themselves with an equipment they bought from you. Also, tell them to include the name of the cooking equipment and dish using hashtags.

This could be something like #MyBBQChicken#PrestigeBBQGrill along with the photo.

Record your hashtags

Keep a note of all the hashtags that you use along with your posts. This will help you to understand which hashtags give you the desired results.

You can then focus more on using those hashtags and creating similar hashtags if needed.

Capitalize each word

Capitalize the beginning of each word When you form a hashtag phrase by combining more than one word. This makes the hashtag easy to interpret and read.

For example, you can use the hashtag #HairGrowth to market your hair care products. This is more easily understandable than #Hairgrowth or #hairgrowth.

Hashtags can help you participate in conversations that help in contributing to the growth of your business.

They are also a great way of understanding what others have to say about the same.

Using more than two hashtags per post can tend to make it less engaging. You can use the keyword or content hashtags, brand hashtags, location hashtags and event or competition hashtags. Sometimes, a choice of two different types of hashtags can prove to be beneficial.

#fashion#happy#selfie and #repost are some popular hashtags today on Instagram and other social media.

There are a few software tools that can help you to find the top rated hashtags on social media platforms. and RiteTag are two examples of such tools.


How to Develop an Online Product Catalog for Your E-Commerce Business

An online product catalog plays a very important role in an e-commerce business. It gives a prospective customer the technical details of the product that enables him to make the purchase decision. This catalog is usually detailed and accurate along with multiple images of the product itself.

Here, we give you a few tips for effective product catalog management.

Give maximum information available

An interested customer should never have to look for other sources to get additional information of the product you have displayed for their purchase.

Ensure that the title and the description of your listing is not the same as that of your competitors if they sell identical products. Use appropriate keywords within 50 characters limit without overusing them. Separate the keywords using a single space. Avoid punctuations to do the same.

Choose a white background and either a PNG, GIF, JPG or TIFF format for your image. Remember to check that the clarity is not affected when the image is zoomed.

Use bullet points to highlight details

Bullet points will make it easy for interested customers in their decision-making process. Mention the essential points at the beginning followed by other details.

For best results, mention the bullet points appear just below or to the right of the product image. This will help customers see the details without having to scroll down.

Maintain consistency throughout

Use the same format and notations for all product listings. For example, if you mention the color as ‘BLUE’ for a product, do not use ‘blue’, ‘Blue’ or ‘BLU’ for other products of the same color. This makes the search process easy.

List the attributes in the same order for all products. If you list the attributes color, size and price in the mentioned order for a product, retain the same order for all products.

Ensure accurate category mapping

Category mapping serves as the guide to your product catalog. It helps a prospective customer easily find what he wants from the huge list of products available. With correct category mapping and product filters, a customer can make his selection from just the set of appropriate products.

Deploy cross-selling techniques

Cross-selling techniques can help you to improve your sales. After a product listing, use a “You may be interested in” link that prompts them to related products.

For example, if a viewer is looking at a lipstick, you can use the “You may be interested in” link to direct her to the category that displays your collection of lip glosses.

Maintain user friendly internal search

Keep the search function as user friendly as possible. If a prospective customer starts typing the name of a product in the search bar, display various appropriate suggestions to minimize the typing time.

You can also direct customers to the right product even when they accidentally make a spelling mistake.

Avoid using duplicate content

Do not use the same content for a product listing even if two products have same features. In other words, do not reuse content from a page of your own catalog or another website. This will be considered as duplicate content and can trigger SEO problems.

An online product catalog can play an important role in transforming occasional customers to loyal shoppers. With ample information and images about the product listings, it can make customers make up their mind without much apprehension.


Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day 2019?

This is the 5th consecutive year of Amazon Prime Day. Last year 70 countries across the world participated in this event. On the 15th & 16th of July, a two-day extravaganza of deals has been planned for.

Amazon Prime features collaborations with brands, musicians, actors and more. The ads have started to feature on national television now, leading up to the event.

Brands will have to make sure they get as much visibility as possible, to convert traffic and get the best out of Prime Day.

Your checklist
  • Re-check your product catalog and update it with keywords. The more details, the higher the chance of buying.
  • Improve your brand value, through your brand store and enhanced brand content.
    Increase your chance of seller ranking during Prime Day.
Altius Technologies‘ Digital Experiences Services enhances and enables winning e-commerce strategies. Our Product Cataloging Services, EBC and Brand Store creation will help you increase sales on Amazon Prime Day.

To know more about how to make the best use of Amazon Prime Day, get in touch with us.

How distributors can increase sales with B2B ecommerce website?

Create your e-store now for increasing your online sales by 10X

We are in the age of B2B e-commerce and online shopping. Your customer’s decision-making process has changed dramatically over the years. Customers now do extensive research about a product online before making the purchase. The internet makes online shopping easier and faster. Selling directly on the internet increases your reach. With a B2B e-commerce store,your profits are no longer limited by the number of customers visiting your brick & mortar store. You can sell beyond limited geographical locations.

Online stores can

  • Save time for both the buyer and seller
  • Reduce phone calls about product availability
  • Increase your operation hours
  • Provide easy access to company and product information
With the opulence of mobility and maintaining continued order in work-flow in factories, purchase through an e-store is now the most preferred point of purchase. B2B e-commerce for distributors worldwide is taking a shift in paradigm for their sales approach. It is inevitable that you too will have to join the race for having a B2B e-commerce website soon.


Convenience is the biggest perk. No lines to wait, no assistants to wait on to help the customers, buyers can do their shopping in minutes. Giving a 24/7 accessibility, products can be ordered from anywhere at any time.

No travel or crowds

It is chaotic to be part of crowds and make purchases feel rushed and hurried. With no personal attention to be given, the customer tends to go into another shop for his other requirements. This is completely avoided in an e-store. The customer can patiently look through and decide on the products to buy.

Offers and Price Comparisons

You can run offers for products that no other online/ offline store would be running now. This can help you reach more customers and increase sales. With online stores, the customer gets the freedom to compare prices sitting at one place. So, if you have the most cost-efficient product, more chances of increasing sales.

Any-time accessibility

Through a smart-phone or a computer, customers can keep track of the items purchased. Date of delivery, exchange status or even feedback can be tracked for every product. Having access to a plethora of products from various manufacturers helps customers in making informed decisions.


Running a brick & mortar store is so much more expensive in comparison to an online store. You save on manpower, electricity, space, rent and the whole management of the floor space. Having an online store allows you to choose and plan your investment month wise. You save a great deal in every aspect compared to running a physical store.

B2B e-commerce for distributors is not new, though it is taking shape as a primary source of revenue.With customers having a flawless experience though e-commerce platforms on a day to day level, it is only natural that they expect the same from their B2B distributors.

Investing in your e-store is the right way forward for your B2B distributorship.

 We can help you to set up your online e-store 


Altius Technologies is proud to announce ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification

With 200+employess spread across 3 offices, including 1 in the US, Altius has seen unprecedented growth in the last couple of years.

Focussing primarily in Product Content Management and related services, the company has been providing data and securing data from third party institutions as part of the solutions we provide.

This 2019, we saw the ISO accreditation of Altius Technologies under the ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

The certification is an internationally recognized standard that ensures to help keep the data secure with establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS) of the customer data and data owned by Altius within the organization.

What is ISMS?

Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a set of policies and procedures for systematically managing an organization’s sensitive data. The goal of an ISMS is to minimize risk and ensure business continuity by pro-actively limiting the impact of a security breach.


ISMS in Altius focusses in the following:

  • Information management
  • Securing data of the customers’ and within the organization
  • Organization processes and procedures
  • Human Resources

Benefits of implementing

  • Ensuring the data security in the place
  • Increase in meeting an organization’s compliance requirements and standards
  • Increase in customer satisfaction, demonstrating that security issues are tackled in the most appropriate manner
  • Increase in quality of service
  • Process approach adoption, which helps account for all legal and regulatory requirements
  • More easily identifiable and managed risks
  • Also covers information security (IS) (in addition to IT information security)
  • Provides a competitive edge to an organization with the help of tackling risks and managing resources/processes


What is ISO/IEC 27001:2013?

ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (the International Electrotechnical Commission) form the specialized system for worldwide standardization.

ISO 27001 is a globally recognized, internationally accepted standard to help securing the critical data owned by Altius Technologies and as well as the customer’s mandating numerous controls for the establishing, maintaining and continually improving of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).


Mr. Vellayan’s vision to grow this company from a data provider to an end to end solutions expert has come along way. Today Altius handles more than 30,000 SKU’s of data services at any given point in time.

With the sheer quantity of data being handled, security of this data is given utmost importance. Following strict rules and regulations for data security, our clients have been rest assured of highest quality of data solutions from Altius Technologies.

Interested in getting to know more about our data services.


Why Search Engine Optimization is important for B2B Distributors?

With the millennials taking over the distribution industry worldwide, their purchasing behaviour has been extremely different in comparison to their former generation.

Research is the first step of every process they do. With so much online content about everything, research has now become extremely easy to do too.. In the end they also expect an Amazon like online shopping experience for a B2B or a B2C product.

Since having an online presence has now become a mandate, you need to ask yourself how soon you can get onto the online wagon.

Usually, distributors do their research, hire an external source to get their company online. After months, he wonders, was the investment worth it. The traffic decreases bounce rate decreases, and lead flow decreases.

How do you fix this?

Bring your product at the top of the Google page!

When a buyer decides to buy a product, what does he do first?

Ans. Google it.

The right focus keyword

When a buyer researches a product, and he uses the right keyword, based on his knowledge, the options displayed will be related to the search term.

You need to make sure you understand your consumer jargon, to use the right key focus key word to relate to the query and continue the conversation.

Impact of content

Quality of content determines the ranking of the page on Google. Content plays a huge role in SEO and marketing.

The search engine ranks your website based on the website’s content. Good and detailed content attracts more traffic. Use your focus keyword as part of your content to keep the customers engaged.

Two important points to keep in mid while adding content:

  • Meta-Title and Description
  • Heading text appropriate to the focus keyword

Optimizing Online SEO

While creating your online store, imagine the kind of atmosphere and ambience the customer feels when he walks into your brick & mortar store. The same needs to be replicated in your online store.

  • User friendly SEOs and URLs
  • Convenient navigations
  • Good product images and videos
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Optimize webpage and website’s speed
  • Proper navigation
  • Correct headline tags
  • Updated sitemap
  • Easy checkout
  • Overall the best shopping experience that would persuade him for his next purchase at your e-store.

SEO for B2B Distributors

If you currently have only a brick & mortar store and looking to migrate to an online store, your first steps to consider:

  • Look for a suitable e-commerce platform
  • Create a website design plan
  • Create an SEO plan
  • Find your focus keywords
  • Create content with the selected focus keywords
  • Optimize your website for conversion

Hiring an SEO agency that specializes in SEO related content, marketing, copywriting and competitor analysis can help your website reach substantial growth.

These agencies have specialists with B2B and B2C backgrounds who would be able to understand your position better and advice you as well.

Still unclear on how to get started.


Why eCommerce for Small and Medium Enterprises?

In the last few years, e-commerce has become one of the most preferred means of shopping. Be it B2C or B2B, customers have been spoilt for choice, price comparisons and delivery of products at their doorstep.

E-commerce has revolutionized the sales for small and medium enterprises. With geographical location not being an issue anymore, sales have seen an upward swing in the last couple of years, thanks to e-commerce.

Just like that, online shopping has now become more quick, convenient and more user-friendly.

If you are an SME and wondering if B2B e-commerce is the right way for you, there are a few things you need to consider:

Financial implications- Do you have what it takes to provide your customers an end to end online shopping experience.

Skilled IT Personnel team– To run an online store, you need a team of IT personnel to keep it up and running.

Operation architecture- Decide on your operating model architecture. From where you would source, store and sell your products. Operational structure is the foundation for the success of your e-store.

Risk-taker- Even if your e-store has the right products, product content, and in enriched with SEO keywords, it will still take time for a complete turnaround. So don’t lose hope. You may have to wait it out.

Management/board support- Without the collaborative effort from each member of your team, no store or e-store can be successful. If even one member does not comply with your thought and ideas related to e-store investment, you may have a problem brewing there for the future.

Legal assistance- Make sure you hire a lawyer to draft your sales policies and partnership policies if any. You do not want future customers dragging you to court for a faulty product or service.

Technology research to stay updated- Make sure you have done enough research product wise and technology wise in the market. You do not want to be out-dated as soon as you launch. Being up-to-date is key in managing a successful e-store.

Physical Infrastructure-Make sure you have the physical infrastructure needed to run an e-store. You will still need an office space for your small member teams to operate from or even a warehouse to store your products.

Government rules & policies- Every country has s different policy towards managing their internet accessibility and online sales. Make sure you adhere to the rules and regulations put out by the government.

Choosing the right e-commercesolution- Though this may sound as the most important of the 10 step check list, this is the most taken-for granted point by many start-ups.

  • Make sure your have an inbuilt software algorithm to map customer behaviour. This will help you understand consumer behaviour better. Recording the purchase journey of every customer will give you unfiltered access to insights that can be used for making future strategic decisions.
  • Categorization of products, creation of promotional email, targeted email campaigns etc., should be carried out in seasonally. Make sure the solution’s architecture supports this.
  • Some products’ demands may peak during certain times of the year. The solution you opt for should be able to handle these sudden demands.
  • The solution should be scalable enough to increase product numbers or be open to any upgrades in the years to come.
  • Make sure your solution provides a seamless buying experience for your customers. Given that B2C is now taking precedence and making a benchmark in online shopping, make sure the B2B shopping experience you provide is close enough to a B2C seasoning and sophistication.

Yes, there are many benefits in choosing the B2B e-commerce way.

Such as,

Low operating budget- Running an e-commerce store is much more financially viable compared to running a brick and mortar store. Consider the expenditure you would be shedding for the physical store itself, along with the sales force and operating cost.

Having an e-store, you only need a small office space, with the right technical people to run the show.

Increased ROI- With the absence of geographical limitations, the revenue you are bound to generate from an e-store is no comparison to a brick and mortar store.

You can capture new audiences everyday with the written feedback from your old and happy customers. With e-store functioning 24/7, you are open to different times zones and holidays all year long.

Social media Recommendation-With the boom of social media, customers happy with your product and service talk about their experience in social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

This is an added advantage against the biggies in the industry, who usually do not have their customer recommendations working for them.

Learning consumer behaviour- In a mom & pop shop, small businesses are forced to assume and speculate over the purchase journey of a customer. With no fixed data to support his findings, he hovers around pre-conceived notions usually from big players in the same industry.

Having an e-store, with the right software algorithm in-built, helps you understand consumer behavior. How much time a specific consumer spends on a product, what he reads, which page he goes to, how much time he spends on a page, so on and so forth.

The insights are extensive and proves beneficial in making strategic choices for the future.

Larger marketing ROI- After saving so much cost, all that money can be diverted to marketing your e-store. Advertising worldwide, online or offline, you can drive customers to your e-store.

You can also create targeted marketing messages to specific customers, based on their behavioural data collected by your e-store whilst they were browsing through their purchase journey.

There are so many reasons pointing towards e-commerce being the next big idea you are going to work on for your SME’s lifecycle.

Make sure you hire a consultant who can help you lead the way.

For more queries and a free consultGet in touch with us, Altius Technologies